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  1. Thanks for the try but thats not it. I didnt put the code in there that initializes the cameraPos. I put the cameraPos in there to show what i was passing in for the other parameter of the function. I did think that was the problem at first too and checked it. The Listener is actually getting the position when i set it but for some reason it doesnt make a difference. I also checked to see if the Sources position was somehow following the Listeners but its not.
  2. My problem is that i cannot get the sound to get louder or softer by moving the position of the Listener away from or to the source. What puzzles me is the Source works fine. I can move its position all around and the sound will change accordingly. I am using the default distance model. I use this function to set the Listeners position to the cameras position. float cameraPos[3]; alListenerfv(AL_POSITION, cameraPos); Am I not doing something right before I set the Listeners position or do I have to set something up for it to recognize when the listeners position has moved or am i not using the correct function to set the position? Why does it work when the Sources postion moves and doesnt when the Listeners position moves? Can anyone help.
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