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    Update done

    Depends on the database and what kind of coder you are. Flat files are easier to recover from, perhaps. But databases are generally faster and more reliable. Unless you're an amazing coder and didn't make any mistakes in writing your flat file parsing code.
  2. C-Junkie

    Eternal Lands update

    I'm 9/9. Last time I attempted, I got whooped. Hard. Maybe I'll try again when I'm like 12/12
  3. C-Junkie

    Eternal Lands Update, part 2

    How many people on gdnet play this game? We should start a clan.
  4. C-Junkie

    Eternal Lands update

    Yeah, but there STILL needs to be something inbetween beavers and deer. Something with low attack and high defense. Like a vampiric mosquito. Or something. Not very damaging, but hard to hit. So the battles last longer.
  5. C-Junkie

    Eternal Lands update

    Dude! Guy! Tel will sell minor healing potions to you for 6gp (and i'll buy the vial back for 1gp, so its even cheaper!) Those heal 5hp, so it's like 1gp/hp! I sortof gave up on actually playing, since there's nothing I can make for a profit, and nothing but beavers to kill. (fucking deer!)
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