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  1. Sorry for going off topic here... Quote:Original post by Promit Quote:Original post by owl The United States Supreme Court thinks these videos despicting such acts are OK?No, they think it's constitutionally protected free speech. Are you too stoned to tell the difference? How about taking a bit of your own advice? Quote:Original post by Promit Then you should probably start by asking a more mature question. It's awfully surprising how behaving like an adult results in being treated like one.
  2. gumpy

    linux get Cpu Count?

  3. Quote: User note 2: Also note that, in Windows, setting the video mode resets the current OpenGL context. You must execute again the OpenGL initialization code (set the clear color or the shade model, or reload textures, for example) after calling SDL_SetVideoMode. In Linux, however, it works fine, and the initialization code only needs to be executed after the first call to SDL_SetVideoMode (although there is no harm in executing the initialization code after each call to SDL_SetVideoMode, for example for a multiplatform application). Also... Quote:Original post by jyk The first thing I noticed when looking at your code is that the video flags appear to be incorrect. SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER is intended to be used with the 'set attribute' function, not as a video flag. Also, I don't think SDL_HWSURFACE is necessary when creating an OpenGL rendering context. I don't know if this is what's causing the problem you describe, but you might start by fixing the video flags, and see if that makes any difference. This same mistake was recently made by somebody else here. Is there some tutorial that does this?
  4. gumpy

    SFML How to make a timed game loop?

    Fix Your Timestep!
  5. gumpy

    Strange C++ issue ?

    Quote:Original post by Renran ... SDL_SetVideoMode(window_width, window_height, bpp, SDL_OPENGL | SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER | SDL_HWSURFACE | SDL_FULLSCREEN); ... SDL_HWSURFACE doesn't apply to OpenGL and you're supposed to use SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER, 1) to (attempt to) enable double buffering. See here.
  6. gumpy

    "global redefined" - C++

    See problem #4 in this article for a detailed explanation.
  7. gumpy

    Learning Java

    Quote:Original post by dmatter There are high-level 2D and 3D libraries as part of Java; I don't think the 2D library is hardware accelerated though Support for Hardware-Accelerated Rendering Using OpenGL
  8. gumpy

    Computer trouble

    The motherboard's manual should list the beep codes. (and debug led codes if the board has one)
  9. Quote:Original post by mwmdragon As for saying I am violating some patent.. wouldn't you need to try it first, to see what kinda game it is, before digging legal docs against it LOL I said possibly. It's something that anyone making anything even resembling a collectible card game should be aware of.
  10. Not only are you violating Wizards of the Coast's trademarks but possibly also one of their patents.
  11. gumpy

    sdl build for dev-c++

    Recommended reading: Why you shouldn't use Dev-C++ You can get the source and/or prebuilt binaries from the official site:
  12. gumpy

    What do you think of Python?

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi ... briefly touching on Panda, actually; I may even leave it out because it isn't available to Mac and Linux programmers Panda already supports Linux. Mac support should be coming soon. Quote:Original post by Ntvu I think creating windowed apps using wxWidgets involves writing code to create the window controls, not clicking and dragging (which is what I prefer). You can use wxGlade for that or you could use glade with PyGTK. [Edited by - gumpy on December 31, 2008 8:33:10 PM]
  13. gumpy

    Python Help

    I assume Oluseyi intended to write this. def listItems(self): for i, e in enumerate(self.items): print "(" + str(i) + ") " +
  14. gumpy

    input output java help

    Quote:Original post by spkenn5 ... it stopped me from compiling, saying that the while(gender != 'x') is an error. The error message that the compiler gives you should be quite clear. If there's something about the message that you don't understand feel free to ask.
  15. gumpy

    Java vs. C++?

    I recommend The Java Tutorials.
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