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    i finally have been able to get a good enough system for halflife2 and i want to make weapons for it-- i mean both model and code them. i know you can get the xsi modeler for mods for free, but i don't have a compatible coding environment (devcpp doesn't work). the one they recommend is a little expensive, does can anyone offer any solutions?
  2. rayce


    it does not work(for now), thanx anyway, but, like i said, i don't have money for the compiler they expect. any other ideas?
  3. rayce

    half life 2 sdk

    where do you get the half life 2 sdk? planet half life says you can get it on steam but i didnt see it. could someone provide a link to it and maybe some good tutorials as well?
  4. rayce

    graphics question

    how do programmers tie in images and 3d models into the actual game code? is it through a dll or something? im asking this b/c when i download old game source code(doom, quake)there are no images or models included, yet you can actually build the project and play the game. how does this work?
  5. rayce

    graphics question

    so if i were to look in a game directory on my computer would see these pak, wad, or bsp files(depending on the game)?
  6. rayce

    doom 3 mods

    i downloaded the latest doom 3 sdk but i don't understand anything someone plz show me a good tutorial (beginner) for doom 3 modding
  7. rayce

    doom 3 mods

  8. rayce

    doom 3 mods

    tried it nothing for beginners
  9. rayce

    doom 3 mods

    come on guys i know one of you can think of something
  10. rayce

    half life 2 sdk

    yes i see it but it won't let me open it on offline though so i go online, try it then but when i click on play games the program doesn't respond. i don't expect anyone to know the reason for this but thanks for the info you have given me
  11. rayce

    half life 2 sdk

    i have half life 2 but i installed it under steam and i couldn't find a tools folder, or any hl2 folder for that matter does installing it under steam have anything to do with it?
  12. i'm using Deitel's Java 2 Training Course and i was wondering about how fast the language was, at least relatively. Can anyone tell me how good of a game it can make(name a real game so i can get the idea; preferably a FPS)?
  13. rayce

    vc++ intro ed.

    does anyone know the difference between Microsofts VC++ 6 Introductory edition and the real thing?
  14. that doenst answer my question. are some tools availiable out there that create java executables rather than using the virtual machine?
  15. Quote:Original post by Spoonbender Quote:Original post by rayce i'm using Deitel's Java 2 Training Course and i was wondering about how fast the language was, at least relatively. Can anyone tell me how good of a game it can make(name a real game so i can get the idea; preferably a FPS)? Silly question, it doesn't make sense. Java ranges from extremely slow, to pretty decent speed, depending on which VM, interpreter and/or compiler you use. The speed is determined by the code that ends up being executed on the CPU, and that is not Java. A good compiler will turn Java code into efficient machine code, a bad one won't. And some will turn it into bytecode that runs on a VM. Anyway, as the others have said, you can do some pretty decent things in Java. alright then; which ide is the best for java? i thought it was just an interpreted language...it can be compiled into machine code as well? so that means it does not need the VM to operate, like an .exe file?
  16. rayce


    what exactly is scripting? how do you write C++ code and use python or perl to manipulate it somehow? i need a good intro to this b/c im confused
  17. rayce


    that's not enough i think i need an example of how you'd do it? why does it make coding easier?
  18. rayce

    maya or 3DSmax?

    i just read that post about 3dsmax being something like $4000 now that is crazy anyway, which is better? maya or 3dsmax? just consider the latest versions of both with just what i know i think maya is cooler
  19. which of these should i start with? i have anim8or and i might have a trial version of milkshape lurking in CD somewhere... ALSO: i need a good tutorial on whichever is recommended the ones on the anim8or web page just show you how to make 3d models; it doesn't talk about the commands or buttons or anything... help me
  20. rayce

    particle effects

    what are particle effects? do they have to do w/programmming or visual arts? is a plasma beam(from halo or something) a particle effect?
  21. rayce

    Where to learn visual basic

    Quote:Original post by TheNobleOne Don't get too caught up in VB6 if you are using that. Microsoft is killing the project in 2006 and they will not sell or support it any longer. The same goes for the MS Native Visual C++. Microsoft is making a bold move on only supporting .Net but it is their decision. "Visual Basic 6.0 will no longer be supported starting March 2008." i counldnt find the same thing for vc++ are you sure its true?
  22. rayce

    Yes! I'm new and I love it!

    Quote:Original post by appel I notice that "What language do I use?" (http://www.gamedev.net/reference/design/features/whatlang/) doesn't cover C# :\ email david about it i think it's dave@gamedev.net but i don't know for sure and when deciding between dx & opengl go for dx first, it's better with C# and it will make opengl easier when you move on to it
  23. rayce


    what exactly is a dynamic link library? how does it relate with a "static library"(i saw this under new project in devcpp) and a header file?
  24. rayce

    Books to read?

    i haven't read it myself, but from what i know C++ for game programmers may help you shift you C++ experience to game development
  25. if a mod is a tweak in a game's source code, then how do you make mods for new games like doom3 and halflife2? theres no way anyone has that kind of source
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