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  1. Drunken Brawl text rpg

    Yeah, sounds great. Are you going to make it a public download or will people have to personally contact you to test the game?
  2. Drunken Brawl text rpg

    Oh, I'm sorry I read that wrong. Well, in that case, I'll offer myself as a tester. ;)
  3. Drunken Brawl text rpg

    Hehe, the idea sounds pretty funny, I'm definitely going to try it once it's done. How did you realize the alcohol tolerance meter? As a text based GUI? Another question: I don't mean to offend you, but why do you post this anouncement, if there's nothing to see, nothing to download and no beta testers needed? I mean, you could have just waited to the release date and anounce it then. It's not like it would have made a big difference, except that you might raise the interest of some bored people, like me... ;) But how said, don't let that offend you, I was just asking. Gook luck on completing your project.
  4. Final Website Design: Opinions greatly appreciated

    Looks already quite nice your website, but there still are some things that could be improved. For example the overall style looks quite simplistic and pixelish. This is not a bad thing at all, because if used right, it can really look cool. You have achieved that look, but you should stick with it in every element. For example you made shadows for each "panel" that are pretty blurry, which somehow doesn't fit too well to the rest of the style in my opinion. I think it would look cooler if you made the shadow just two pixel wide, where the first row of pixel has about 80% opacity while the second row of pixels only has somewhting like 20%. This would make a nice pixely shadow that fits to the overall look. Also I would make the folded part at right bottom corners a bit smaller. This would make it look more elegant and also fit the overall style better. The colors look pretty nice, orange alway goes pretty well with gray. I like the shoestring logo. It has a nice retro look and fits the rest of the style well. However, the background of the header could use a little more color. Just white makes it look a bit too plain. How about trying to use a gradient from top to bottom, or something like that. You could also try to make the Showstring logo larger the text that says 'Games, we do make. Yes.' a bit smaller, but choose a different font, that can be read easier on a small point setting. That way, the space would be filled otu better and not seem so empty and at the same time, the logo would come out better. And remember: design is important in websites, but they are nothing without functionality and spelling. I don't know if the subsites only don't work, because you wantet to present the front page first, but you should get that going farely soon. If you don't have any content for them yet, just make dummy sites to show the continous use of the design. I don't know if it is on purpose, but on the front page on the menu panel, the title says 'Untilted Game'. I guess that's supposed to be untitled, right? :P Other than that, you have done a nice job already, even if I wouldn't call it final yet, but my perfectionism might just be because my boss kicks my ass every time he finds a tiny little mistake on one of the websites I have to maintain... Hope this helped you though. Good luck and keep it up!
  5. Tutorials & Downloads (Under repair)

    Hehe, just wanted to post the mayang link. They have awesome textures. But the main reason why I post is because I wanted to say that the first link to 3Dbuzz is dead. They don't have the search engine anymore. :( This is also one of the main reasons, why I don't visit the site anymore. I just don't like their forum system..
  6. Finally I got my website up!

    I checked out your site - you have done well on some parts, but others could have enjoed more attention. As already stated by someone else before, you should probably change the main text to white, since the font is rather small already anbd with gray on gray, it makes it quite annoying to read. So if you want people to read what you write, you should make it as comfortable as possible for them. Further you should add some finish ups on the design. It looks quite nice already, but you really shouldn't have made the text frame broader than the banner on the top. Make sure to make it all the same width, otherwise visitors get the feeling that the HTML is screwed or something. Last but not least, if you want this to be your official website that you really want to use as a portfolio, you should watch the spelling a little bit more. For example in the text where you say that you just have gottin into electronics, it say something like 'my new bobby is...' instead of 'hobby'. Also you should notice that resumé is written with a 's' not a 'z' (except if you intended to write it that way) and it has an aposthrope on the 'e' at the end. Other than that, it's already pretty nice. Keep it up!
  7. I'm going to test this as soon as I get home. Here at work my boss would probabl rip my head off, if he saw me playing games. ;)
  8. Thanks for the comments. I'm only the graphic artist of the team and don't know much about the mipmapping. I will ask our coder about it though. And we will include a loading screen in one of the next releases. You're right, if you don't know that the game is loading it's likely to think that it froze, because it takes a couple of seconds to load.
  9. How did this game become 111MB?? It's only 2D graphics and not even to many of them... at least from what I can see on the screenshots. I've seen graphically much more complex games that are a lot smaller in filesize. Just a little hint: I don't think you will catch the interest of many people by just showing screenshots but no gameplay description whatsoever.
  10. The Room: Open source shadow engine

    Yes the demo works fine, except for some glitches in certain shadow modes. For example in the last room when the shadow of the space craft overlaps with the shadow of the piggy the casted shadow is messed up for a couple of seconds, but then returns back to normal. Oh, and by the way, I use a GeForceFX59000. Other than that it all runs pretty smoothly and it looks quite nice. Keep it up!
  11. The Room: Open source shadow engine

    Looks nice, but the shadows seem to be a little sharp, but I guess that depends on the lightning. Usually a shadow would have at least slightly blurry edges though. Still nice work and good luck on your further development.
  12. First 3D Game Engine (5 months old)

    Since I'm not a coder, I never needed the DirectX SDK for any games I downloaded or developed and I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to play it without.
  13. First 3D Game Engine (5 months old)

    Hmm, I could't start the game, neither with Direct3D_Release.exe nor with Direct3D_Debug.exe. It says I'm missing component d3dx9_26.dll and I should reinstall. My system specs are: AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1,83 GHz 512 MB RAM Geforce FX5900XT (supporting dx9 effects)
  14. Thanks for your comments on OX. I'm happy we could at least wake the interest in one person enough, to give us some ffeedback. ;) That the cursor has a red background is rather weird, I would appreciate it very much of you could post that bug here, including all necesary information, which is stated in the thread. Concerning the movement of the glider, this is something the game is still really lacking in. Many people have complained about it already and we created a whole new (and a lot more complex) concept for the glider physics. Right now, it feels like the glider is pushed around the landscape and the player is able to change direction. But that's no good. If you have a vehicle that lets you hover a couple feet over ground, it also has to feel that way, when driving. The curves have to be smeared much more and the overall feeling should be like moving on an air pillow. We also planned that the physics should allow the player to jump over ramps and such. Further the height that the glider can reach when driving up a hill is fixed, but it should depend on the speed of the glider and the gradient of the slope. These are all things that need to be done, but it will still take a while. Also the sky is more or less a dummy up to now. Plans were that we would still implement clouds and a sun in this techdemo, but time was against us. It might be in the next one though. ;) And the explosion... Well, that's a thing I've been ranting about for months already. ;) It looks totally strange. But not only because it's so repetative, but also because there is no smoke or sparks or anything. Loads to improve there, but if these were the only things you dind't like about the techdemo, we have actually done pretty well. ;) Thanks again for the feedback!
  15. Hello fellow GameDevers! I'm happy to announce that the devdrones have released a completely new set of screenshots of our self made Engine (Forge), Editor(ForgED) and our first project called 0X. You can find them at I introduced the devdrones and our project in another thread already, but unfortunately very few people responded and it quickly was lost in the depth of the GD forums. I hope we could raise your interest now, because we are always open minded towards suggestions, feedback or even contributions. Thanks for reading! [EDIT]It even get's better! We have now released our second techdemo of OX. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to check it out at! Here's the changelog: + many internal engine improvements + many bug fixes + level and graphic improvements + implemented GUI + new and improved level + added gras for the landscape that moves with the wind + many new ForgED features + made the glider faster + background music (still pretty quiet, but it will be adjustable later) Please post bug reports here. Thanks! NOTE: You do not have to be registered to post. [/EDIT] [Edited by - gfxdrone on June 25, 2005 2:51:04 AM]