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  1. College recommendations? (Masters Degree)

    My musical talent has nothing to do with it... many FF fans have called my music just as good as Nobuo's, Yasunori Mitsuda's, etc. .. I don't think that's true, but I am quite good according to most people, nevertheless... The problem is my first 10 projects all crashed and burned in some way or another, so I just gave up... that and I am too emotionally attached to my music (I'm not a blue collar composer, unfortunately)... but, I did try a few years ago (notice I've been a member since 2000)... now I'm mostly just interested in composing for myself, and studying music... either way, how can I lock a topic? .. it appears no one has any useful information concerning colleges, which is what the original intent of this post was... thanks anyway, though... but I guess I'll look elsewhere for answers.
  2. College recommendations? (Masters Degree)

    Good points.. however, I've already kind of gave up on "making it" as it were... for those very reasons... there is some secret to success that just seems to elude me. ...mostly I just want to go further with my knowledge and own skill, if that makes sense.
  3. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can recommend to me some colleges (and programs, if possible) that would be good for game music composition... or just are good in general. I received my BA from a local college that doesn't offer a masters program... I've looked at a few schools (UCLA, UCSD, U of Oregon, etc.)... and I'm not sure what's the next step. Most "computer music" degrees seem geared more towards 20th century experimental stuff, which may or may not be helpful? ... Composition may be a good degree to get, I suppose... but I could easily see leaving with a comp. degree and still not knowing a whole lot about computer music creation (beyond midi w/ samplers)... Anyway, any info would be helpful.. even if it's another thread or a website or whatever. Thanks!