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  1. Direct3D in Web Browser

    ya~~, in fact i suspect so... (not easy). Previously i manage to run OSG within a browser by using a ActiveX control(using c++). However after numerous attempt to do that with direct3d + c#, still failing to do that, I decided to post in forum, hopeful someone can give me some pointers :>. In fact, i suspect the chances of running D3D + c++ is much higher than C# but i can't confirm this (T_T) Anyway, thks for the sharing, guys.... :>
  2. hi, I have been trying to create a web control using c# and directx. However although it does compile, web control throws runtime exception. Just wonder if there's anyone manage to create a Direct3D viewer/Editor that runs in a web browser
  3. hi, I'm currently trying to create a user control in c# that draw a simple box using directx and load the user control(as a .dll) in the browser. However the control doesn't seems to be drawing. P.S. i have tried creating a simple user control that display a button and upon clicking, the text will turn to "hello" and unsurprisingly, this works. Anyone has any idea on this? thanks and regards Andrew Mak
  4. OpenGL TV3D Question

    Try Openscenegraph
  5. i would prefer to have 16 channels for audio effects( shooting/explosion, etc), then based on the "loudness"(based on the gameplay), i will decide whichever to play on the 16 channels. through i would agree that you may "lose" some audio effects but you can't have everything under the sun. anyway hardware nowaday easily support up to 64 channels
  6. Games of the future

    i do agree with the fact that game developers have been duplicating the same game play and features and only improve on their visual arts. However, if you realise, not everyone who play games are hard-core gamer. to many, final fantasy 10 may be just as "new" as FF6/7(FF10 maybe their first game.) and to attract these people to the game is to improve on visual arts as any game play is "new" to them. through i'm personally feel prefer to have a improvement of game play too. And not only so, from a business point of view, there's not guarantee that a "good" game play sells, as it's more like a personally view(through many will argue that a good game play will be liked by most) and good/realistic graphics is a none-brainer thing..
  7. Logic help

    i think you should use function pointer for c/functor for c++ for this. In this case you will have less conditions checking in your update( the more condition check in your loop, will lead to less FPS, so is always good for you to try to minimize the usage of condition check especially when the game get bigger) void onkeydown(char) { if char == right && char == left action = playerTurn } void breathing() { player1->SetIterable(true); player1->SetIndex(BREATHING); breath = Idle; } void Idle()//dummy function or maybe try to use this for some reseting use { } void playerTurn { breath(); player1->Iterate(); } void playerTurnNot() { breath = breathing; player1->SetIterable(false); player1->SetIndex(AIMING); } void update() { action(); }
  8. i believe you will need to do more than send keydown message to the other computer. first, you will need to write a simple network code(UDP will be the trick) to be able to send something over, then a program to receive on the other end. and finally the program will send the various keydown messages or mouse event to "second" computer hope that this help
  9. Free Engines

    yeah, i'm hoping for a chance to peek at quake3 engine too... :>
  10. Types of rendering

    Here one that intro you to octree http://www.flipcode.com/articles/article_introtooctrees.shtml but i'm certain that it's easy to find more helps online
  11. Free Engines

    But don't you feel that Quark 2 engine is kind of old by now( through it's developed by JC) I certainly feel that there's better engine out in the market whether it's free/open-source or commercial. But of course there's still plenty that one can learn from Quark 2 engine... :>
  12. Free Engines

    Osg - is more of a rendering engine for simulation than games - have various file format supported from flt, open flight to 3ds file, ogre have relatively lesser file format supported. - allows more controls compare to ogre (but of course you can go straight to the code and add in a few lines to expose some functions) However personally, i still prefer to use ogre as i feel at times "giving more means less" i like the fact that ogre actually hide these functions from me and handle all these stuff from the engine. :> - maybe it's me that's lazy
  13. Free Engines

    Actually, i have visited devmaster and have looked into some engines there... however i haven't tried some of those popular ones but have tried those that i had mention. Hence only commented on those fews :> in fact, i'm also a ogre3d user. however, have switch to osg since working as my company uses osg for the in-house engines
  14. Free Engines

    Recently has managed to compile a list of "free" or low-cost engines availables in the market and personally uses/try them here the lists and some comments - ogre3d very easy to learn and use have a very active forum and development team - openscenegraph a very huge library with many features but difficult to learn - torque (100 buck) good if you have a FPS/RTS/Racing game in mind, any other game idea, i would think its better of using other engines. - panda 3d quite a complete engine in term of game development, consists of various components, graphics,audio, network,... - The Nebula Device 2 "i nearly kill by the SDK",... kind of difficult to learn and use anyone has any more comments over the engines and maybe add in more engines to the list
  15. Is turn based gaming dead?

    i would feel that turn-based game is still very much appealing, but it's "limited" to hand-held device, as turn-based game allows gamers to play games on the move