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  1. Over the last 5 days or so there has been an interesting discussion going about game programming and landscapes at DelphiSanctuary the home page for Omega. Lots of interesting stuff about shading and placing of sprites on a landscape etc. There are now two 3d landscape example programs with source available. They include sprites that move around the landscape. The basics are there to make a really cool game. Check them out here http://www.delphisanctuary.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=553 I would think it would be quite a good idea to convert these to Asphyre or some other gfx library. SO I am hoping others might do that. For some screen shots of the two engines checkout http://www.delphisanctuary.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=549&start=30 Cya
  2. czar

    unDelphiX and NVidia graphics card

    I use a nvidia card with an fx5700 chip at work and I can tell you I have never had any problems with delphix/undelphix. We have delphix programs running on hundreds of computers with very little in the way of problems. What happens when you run the examples provided with delphix? Do they work? Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
  3. czar

    Shading a portion of the screen

    Does the area beneath the shaded rectangle change every frame? If not why not make a copy of the shaded area (after it has been shaded) and draw that to screen. Update only when the visual aspects under the shaded section are altered.
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