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  1. Krisc: I have somehow the same idea. Can you explain your resource manager in a little bit more detail? Thanks :) Fidelio66: Thank you for your help, but I have no problem understanding how the Direct3D device work. My problem is the design of a stabile framework for my engine and what to implement. I also know where and when I should recreate or release resources, but what I'm looking for is a generic and automated way to do this; a resource manager. Although, your help is appreciated. It's the thought that counts ;) Best regards / Patrik Svensson
  2. I have been checking out managed directX for a while, using it to render bitmaps for my game since DirectDraw is deprecated, but now I finally moved on to 3d and i'm thinking about writing a small (very very very small) and simple (very very very simple, at least in the beginning) 3d-engine to fully understand all aspects of 3d-programming. I am not a newbie in the aspects of programming, but i'm a newbie to 3d-programming. I got many questions, so if any of you guys (or girls) could answer I would be truly greatful. Question 1: How should I design the design of the engine and what should I think about to make it extendable. Any thoughts, URL:s or examples are welcome. Question 2: When resetting devices, I've previously recreated resources manually, but is there a smart way to automate this with some kind of resource manager? I have a ton of other questions, but if I can get a discussion on these topics, that would probably get me a step closer to my goal. Best regards / Patrik Svensson, Sweden. [Edited by - guero on January 30, 2006 10:25:05 PM]
  3. Nypyren: Thank you very, very much. I gave you a good rating in return. ;)
  4. Nypyren: Sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about how to alter variables or class-members in the game from the script? Maybe you even have an example? Rob Loach: I appreciate your help, but as I said before; I want to learn how to do it myself and understand the underlying technology for scripting with C#. If I use someone else's wrappers for that, there will be no learning. Best regards / Patrik
  5. Thanks, but I already used Lua and some other scripting languages. I know how to use those but I would like to try to do it in C#, and that's why i asked that specific question. I want to learn it myself, and using someone else's wrappers won't help me with that. Anyone that has an answer to my questions? Best regards / Patrik Svensson
  6. Hello there. I have got C# scripting up and running in my game (which also is written in C#), but there is some things that I haven't been able to figure out. 1. Is there some smart way to alter variables in the game from the script? 2. Is there a way of knowing what assemblies to add in the CompilerParameters? Adding all assemblies that the game uses seems stupid somehow. I would be really greatful for an answer. / Patrik, Sweden
  7. This might sound like a dumb question but here it goes anyway... I know what a shader is (i think), but how does it work and how can I use them in Managed DirectX? Best regards / Patrik Svensson
  8. As i said above I've already checked the SDK-GUI Classes out. I just wanted opinions and a discussion about it. Toms second book? Can you be a little more specific? Best regards / Patrik
  9. I'm doing some research for information about building a GUI in Managed DirectX for my game but I don't have much experience on this subject (and therefore it automaticly gets more fun :P). I've checked the tutorial in the articles section but that wasn't really what I was looking for. Now to my question; Is there anyone here who has experience of building an event-driven GUI that want to share some information with me? Best regards / Patrik Svensson, Sweden P.S: Yes, I've already checked the DXUtility-GUI class that comes with DirectX but that wasn't very useful. D.S.
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