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    New Computer

    Wow, I hope I don't have all those problems assembling my PCs bits and pieces when they arrive. In light of what you told me about the Asus board's compliance with Corsair memory I decided to try an MSI board. BTW - Let me know how the 3800+ runs.
  2. AdamWebb

    Fixed (hopefully) part II

    Impressive. One thing I did notice was that the dot on the radar respresenting the player actually goes outside of the GUI 'frame' when you exceed a certain altitude.
  3. AdamWebb


    Hey Hope. Just to let you know -- seeing as you've chosen to leave your Blogspot journal I've updated the link on my own blog to point to this journal.
  4. AdamWebb

    ## Holy shit it's done finally

    For the purposes of the future ports of this game, I thought I should just point out something... At round 1000 kills, when the game started to get really hectic: I drained my slow-mo metre so that I stood a chance for a little longer. Then I discovered that by rapidly clicking both the left and right mouse buttons I could get the best of both worlds: Slow moving enemies yet fast bullet movement. This let me achieve extremely high kill counts, and it's only by giving up that I actually died. I'm sure this wasn't intended, and perhaps it's something that could be tweaked.
  5. AdamWebb


    Quote:Well, you have at least one guaranteed sale. I always buy games from a GDNet member. Make that two. Nice job!
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