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    High CPU idle temp?

    This may be what I get for using an out of the box cooling system, but my new AMD X2 4600+ (Socket AM2) is measuring ~45-47'C when idle. I've checked the H/W Monitor in BIOS and it says that 'Cool n' Quiet' is disabled, and that CPU voltage measures ~1.32 while CPU frequency meausures 200Mhz. Is this kind of temperature at idle anything to worry about? Should I enable Cool n' Quiet? And do any of the BIOS settings need tweaking? Thanks
  2. AdamWebb

    Which Adapter?

    I've just purchased an XBox 360 VGA HD cable so that I can plug my XBox into my PC's TFT Monitor. The VGA cable works fine and the picture is great, but I'm having some trouble working out a way to get sound working. The cable I bought extends out to provide 2 component cables, a red and a white one, I assume for left and right audio. Unfortunately my PC's speakers don't have ports that these can be plugged into, so I tried using the adapter which comes with the cable - this takes both the right and left component cables and provides a single pin (I don't know the precise name for this), but I still don't have a way to plug this anywhere. What kind of adapter do I need to join this single pin connection to my speakers? btw - please no solutions that involve buying new speakers ;)
  3. AdamWebb

    DVI / VGA

    Okay, thanks for the info. it doesn't sound like I'm loosing much by having to convert from DVI to VGA.
  4. AdamWebb

    New Computer

    Wow, I hope I don't have all those problems assembling my PCs bits and pieces when they arrive. In light of what you told me about the Asus board's compliance with Corsair memory I decided to try an MSI board. BTW - Let me know how the 3800+ runs.
  5. AdamWebb

    DVI / VGA

    The parts I have just bought for my new PC include a dual-monitor supporting GeForce 7600GT with 2 DVI ports (no VGA), and a 19" Samsung monitor which appears to only support a VGA interface. In other words, there's no way of plugging my new monitor into my new PC. This should have been the first thing I checked but somehow it eluded me [smile]. I've found the necessary adapter to solve this problem (DVI male to VGA female) but I was just curious to know what the difference in image quality is between the two. Thanks!
  6. AdamWebb

    Choosing a Motherboard

    Quote:Unfortunately, I have heard nothing but disaster stories about OCZ memory and the Asus M2N. Damn. Perhaps the Asus board is a bad idea. I really need to be able to fit the memory I specified in my OP. What about this board: MSI K9N Platinum It's within my budget, so if it will take everything I listed in my OP I can finally hit the Checkout.
  7. AdamWebb

    Choosing a Motherboard

    That XMS2 is a little out of my price range for the same quantity, what about: OCZ Platinum PC2-6400 EL XTC 2048MB Kit, DDR2, 240 Pin, 800Mhz Supply Voltage is listed as 2.1v, but I believe the board has a memory supply voltage of 1.8v or 1.9v (not sure which). Would this be a problem?
  8. AdamWebb

    Choosing a Motherboard

    A few days ago I posted asking for some advice on buying a new PC. Thanks to the help I received, I decided to go with the following spec: AMD Athlon X2 4600+ Socket AM2 Corsair 2048mb DDR2 RAM PC6400 (2x1024mb, 800mhz) Gainward GeForce 7600GT 256mb, PCI-e Seagate Barracuda 250gb, SATA2 HDD NEC DVD/RW, 16x Samsung 19" LCD Syncmaster 920N 400W PSU (Will this be sufficient?) Originally I was going to purchase an Asus motherboard that support SLI, then my budget lead me to consider purchasing the Asus M2N-E (Around £63, which is how much I'm looking to spend). However, I started hearing some pretty bad things about this board and it's compatability with what I've chosen to purchase (Mainly the RAM, but another review pointed out that the board only provided enough interfaces to plug in EITHER a HDD or a DVD Drive). So what motherboard do you think I should go for? If you can justify me spending another £20 (Approx. £80-£90 in total), I may just be able to swing it. Thanks!
  9. AdamWebb

    Building a new PC

    Okay, based on the advice everyone has given me so far, I've come up with a new spec. which still falls within my price range: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (Socket AM2 2x512kb Cache) Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe, nForce 570 SLI, DDR2, PCI-e x16 Corsair, 2048mb (2x1gb) DDR2 SDRAM PC5400 (675mhz) Gainward GeForce 7600GT 256mb GDDR3, PCI-e Western Digital Caviar SE16 250gb SATA2 Samsung 19" LCD Syncmaster 920N TCO-99 Monitor, (700:1, 8ms) C&C are very much appreciated, thanks!
  10. AdamWebb

    When did YOU start

    LogoWriter - I remember that, it was probably the first thing I 'programmed' as well. I especially remember getting it to loop through a simple pattern hundreds of times...Anything to annoy our incompetent IT teacher [smile]
  11. AdamWebb

    Building a new PC

    Thanks for all the help. I'll probably be putting the order in within the next 3 weeks, so once I have figured out exactly what to get I might post the specs to see what you all think.
  12. AdamWebb

    What're You Reading?

    I'm reading all the books on my reading list for my first year of Uni. Nothing like being prepared [grin].
  13. AdamWebb

    Building a new PC

    Quote:What's your budget? About £900 (GBP). That will also have to pay for a 17"-19" TFT Monitor, as I'm still using a huge CRT and desk space will be an issue. Quote:If you used an X2 4200+ and a Shuttle (tiny case+tiny motherboard) instead of the full sized Asus you'd have what I have. I've found the dual core comes in very handy. Hmm, I think I would prefer to stay with a full size motherboard / case. Will the motherboard listed take the X2 series? Ignore that, I just checked, it does. [grin] Quote:If you don't spend that kind of money on video cards, or are really wanting to upgrade to DX10 with a compatible card in the near future, you might consider a 7600 model instead. Yeah, I'll probably be wanting to change my card to a Nvidia 8 series as soon as they're available, so I'll look into the 7600. Thanks.
  14. AdamWebb

    Building a new PC

    I've started compiling a list of parts for a new PC for my first year of Uni. With Vista round the corner it seems like a bit of a bad time to be buying a new system, but I really don't see my current one holding out, so this is what I've got so far: Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe (Socket 939, nForce 4) AMD Athlon 64 Not sure about exact model, still weighing up cost / performance benefits (See Below) 2gb PC3200 DDR SDRAM (2x 1gb Corsair Memory) Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT PCI-E 256mb 250gb SATA HDD (Maxtor 6V250F0) DVD/RW, Monitor, Case, etc. - still TBD. I've not built many PCs before, so I have a few concerns about the parts I've selected: 1) Which processor would you advise for this system? I don't intend on going Dual-core, so I was thinking about the Athlon 64 3800+ "Venice". The "San Diego" chips have a 1mb L2 Cache, would you say this is worth the added cost? 2) I've heard about some problems Maxtor HDD have with the nForce 3/4 Motherboards, can anyone confirm this? 3) What's the 7900 GT like in terms of price / performance? I've checked out a number of benchmarks and it seems quite good, certainly an improvement on my FX5200. 4) The Million Dollar Question: Will it run Vista? [oh] Thanks for your Help!
  15. AdamWebb

    Fixed (hopefully) part II

    Impressive. One thing I did notice was that the dot on the radar respresenting the player actually goes outside of the GUI 'frame' when you exceed a certain altitude.
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