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    Not related but im in big trouble!

    Make sure ALL connections are in properly. I built two computers and they both had the same problem, ended up being something not plugged in all the way. ;) Yeah, standoffs are a good idea too.
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    Now a costume party from ten to four is the next color trend below, ten to four thats six hours, and its a color trend so it may be a color that has 6 letters in it. Costume partys are usually around halloween which the main color on halloween is orange wich has 6 letters in it So the color trend is ORANGE. E-Mailed him, let's see if I get MONEY. lol.
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    I never said I figured it out, nope, not even close. ;) i'm a total moron. actually, i'm working on a million things trying to get this damn puzzle... but nothing so far.
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    I had a conversation with the creator not to long ago, maybe there is something in here that can help. RedZep RedZep71: I am sure you get this quite a lot. But you are the creator of ninebows.com correct? RedZep71: Excuse me for being rude. :-D But if I may, can I ask you a few questions? N9YBX: yes N9YBX: Go for it. RedZep71: thank you RedZep71: well RedZep71: for starts, I would love to congradulate you on making such an outstanding puzzle RedZep71: I know you have read the thread at the gamedev site. N9YBX: Thanks... I enjoy this stuff too. N9YBX: Yup. RedZep71: And i feel they are making way to much effort trying to find things like mathematicl sequences, so i was wondering if you were ot weigh the math vs the history on a scale, which would come out heavier? RedZep71: Please excuse my lack of typing skills, i'm a bit tired. :-) N9YBX: Tough question... Let's see (just deleted a long response) N9YBX: I would say that they are making things overly complex. N9YBX: And I think some of my original comments (or clues) would be useful. RedZep71: I am 15 years old, so i feel if what you say is true about a middle schooler being able to crack it, then i might be able to N9YBX: At the same time, people shouldn't be looking for obscure stuff in my blog, photos, etc. The puzzle is the puzzle. RedZep71: right. N9YBX: Yes, definitely... in fact, I recall being interested in this sort of thing at a similar age. You should be better equipped to solve this than the game dev ppl IMHO. RedZep71: It, seams lots of people dont even belive there is an answer to the second step, now I have made my own type of puzzle much like this one, and i know that this is not the case. N9YBX: Yeah- there's a few people working on the step after this one.. but not too many. It'll kill people when they get it. RedZep71: So, i suppose i should ask some sort of small obscure hint type of question. So here it is, myself and my father did a bit of research into "The Nine Bows" and all we came up with (so far as google goes) is that they were the enemies of the pharoes of eygypt. RedZep71: egypt* N9YBX: Yup. That's correct. N9YBX: Sorry, can't give out a clue to you though- wouldn't be fair to all others. N9YBX: I do hope a younger person wins it though... no reason they wouldn't. RedZep71: so i'm just curious, is this answer going to be something like a name of one of these enemies, which should then be put into that URL. (I understand you cant give out clues (though i wish you would :P)) N9YBX: When you get the step solved, it will point you to the next step, just like the first one did. RedZep71: hmm RedZep71: ok N9YBX: it will be apparent. RedZep71: last question. does the text have to decypherd like the last step? or is it just part of the puzzle (as many people have tried asci and binary, and hex etc.) and nothing worked for them. One person did a bit of hex addition and came to something like US % ONE. But that is just guessing like everyone else in that thread RedZep71: /me isnt making kuch sense tonight, I have been waiting for you to come online for the past 4 nights. >_< RedZep71: hehe N9YBX: It will be obvious... Sorry- I was out of town. RedZep71: ahh N9YBX: (I like the /me part) RedZep71: thats cool RedZep71: heh RedZep71: it works on IRC N9YBX: yup :-) RedZep71: hehehe... well, I hope i figure it out. And if I do should I tell anyone? or should I keep it to myself? RedZep71: (i used me, because it wokrs in some IM software, but not in others, and AIM i only downloaded so i could talk to you) N9YBX: That's up to you. Near as I can tell (From google), the other "step three-ers" aren't talking. RedZep71: yeah, I have done QUITE a bit of googleing trying to find the answer RedZep71: but RedZep71: nope N9YBX: Don't think it's there. People are too happy to get to #3. RedZep71: a friend of mine just download a dictionary and is eliemnating a bunch of words that arent nine characters long etc. is he on to anything? N9YBX: Can't say. RedZep71: i might have to tell people if i figure it out, its killing too many people >_< N9YBX: Up to you. RedZep71: ok, well, thanks again dude, and if i bug you again in the next week dont be mad at me :D RedZep71: :-D RedZep71: ^^is what i ment N9YBX: No problem.. have fun with it. It was nice to chat. RedZep71: yeah RedZep71: thank you N9YBX: thanks! l8r. RedZep71: later
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    I have a good idea as to where this might be headed, he said before in reply to "e 2. is the solution relevant to history or just math or both?" he said Yes, so I think that everyone is trying way to hard to hit the math part of it, without doing enough research into the history, a middle schooler does history right? Acient Egypt around that age IIRC. So lets try it with the history, i'll post more later.
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