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    Scaling physics with screen resolution

    Wow, that's so simple, thank you very much. I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not thinking of that. I've not tested it properly yet as my graphics scaling code works in a completely different, and ridiculous way, and I'm having to go back and change everything, but my preliminary tests suggests that it should all work fine Thanks again Mussi. If I don't follow-up this post with new problems, it's safe to assume that it was all a success.
  2. I'm currently working on a 2D (vector based) game, and I of course want the players to be able to choose any resolution they wish. While I've successfully managed to scale the graphics properly, I can't seem to figure out how to scale the physics. Take a look at this simple projectile code to get a better understanding of what I mean: [source lang="vb"]bullet.gravity = 0.5 bullet.speed = 1 SUB projectilePhysics IF bullet.stage = 1 THEN bullet.x = turret.x2 bullet.y = turret.y2 bullet.xVel = COS(bullet.angle / 180 * Pi) * (bullet.power / bullet.speed) bullet.yVel = SIN(bullet.angle / 180 * Pi) * (bullet.power / bullet.speed) bullet.stage = 2 ELSEIF bullet.stage = 2 THEN bullet.x = bullet.x + bullet.xVel bullet.y = bullet.y + bullet.yVel IF bullet.yVel < 12 THEN bullet.yVel = bullet.yVel + (bullet.gravity / (bullet.speed * bullet.speed)) END IF END SUB[/source] Let's say I'm running the game in 640x480, if [source lang="vb"]bullet.power = 20.5[/source] and [source lang="vb"]bullet.angle = 270[/source] (straight up), the 'bullet' will roughly reach a height of around 480 (well, technically 0, as 480 is the bottom, and 0 is the top). Now if I were to run the game in 800x600, the 'bullet' would of course, still only reach around 480, whereas I would want it to reach around 600 (and take the same amount of time to do so). I'm unsure as to what the math would be to achieve this. I've tried various ways, but nothing seems to give the desired affect. Any help would be greatly appreaciated
  3. Thank you so much. I honestly didn't actually understand your first solution, but I do understand the second one (I believe I've used it before). I will attempt to implement it soon as, and let you know how it goes. Thanks again
  4. I've recently decided to start working on a game idea I have, but I haven't done any programming in years, and needless to say it isn't coming back to me as much as I'd hoped. I have a very basic question, but I don't really know how to word it (one of many to come, I'm sure). Basically, what is the theory (uh, pseudocode) behind getting your game to run at a constant speed, regardless of what the framerate is. If it helps, I'm using vb.net 2010 and DirectX (not sure which version). I'm pretty sure there used to be a tutorial somewhere on gamedev, but this site has changed dramatically since I was last here, and can't seem to find it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. First time back on gamedev in years, and all I can say is, what the hell happened?
  6. luke88

    Great Game Soundtracks

    Grant Kirkhope is a fantastic composer. He's done: Perfect Dark Banjo-Kazooie Goldeneye
  7. luke88

    taking someone on a date?

    Quote:Original post by trzy Quote:Original post by luke88 I've done that as well (but with drink). Had a happy ending with me staying at hers. Bad thing is, I've never seen her since. Did it have anything to do with you drinking a little too much and the ending not being as happy for her? ;) Har! How did you know? Were you there? Ah, the embarrassment of it all.
  8. luke88

    taking someone on a date?

    Quote:Original post by Oxyd I've had dates where we would just wander around the city, going from nowhere to nowhere -- and talking. When we wanted to sit somewhere, we just did. I've done that as well (but with drink). Had a happy ending with me staying at hers. Bad thing is, I've never seen her since. It's a great thing to do though, because the environment's always changing, giving way to new topics of conversation.
  9. luke88

    Girlfriends and coding

    My last ex-gf was the arty type, so I kept trying to get her involved with my game by getting her to do some models. She did some pretty good ones as well. So the best solution I can think of is to get her involved however you can. Exploit whatever she's good at :)
  10. luke88

    Hey Avi, I'm comin' to London!

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers Well if theres a get-together in the London area then I'll see about dropping by. Been living here a while and still haven't tagged along to any of the GDNet London Gathering's (have I missed any though?) You have taught me practically everything I know, and I also live in London. I'd love to meet you sometime. You're like my idol :D (Sorry for going off-topic).
  11. luke88

    Job interview for games tester

    Thanks you guys. You've all been extremely helpful. I'll print this off and really try to prepare myself on the hour long train journey. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  12. This coming Saturday I have a job interview for a games tester at Sega. Does anyone know what I should expect? Like, what kind of questions would they ask, and perhaps what kind of person they're looking for? I think there may be a test as a part of the interview. If there is, what do you think it would it be on? I really want to be prepared so I dont end up spewing verbal diarrhea.
  13. luke88

    Physics engine + VB6

    Ok, well thanks for all your help. I'll let you know how it comes along.
  14. luke88

    Physics engine + VB6

    Quote:Original post by Zanshibumi Well, I don't think vb6 is a language prepared to build a complex game, so you'd have to change eventually. VB.net is a relatively small change (you'd be better changing to C++ or C#.NET) that will prepare you to for the next step. Anything I've ever needed to do I could do in vb6. My last project was all vb6. Quote:Original post by ZanshibumiUsing XNA for graphics shouldn't be too hard. It's not fully supported like in c# case, but most of it is already usable and the rest should come soon. To use ODE you'd need a .NET wrapper, there are some around. I've used ODE.NET and it worked perfectly. Learning to use ODE (as any physics engine) can be the hardest part of this process but it's unavoidable. What's XNA? Would I be able to use ODE in vb.net? (I did some research and discovered that the differences between vb.net and vb6 are actually quite minor, so I probably will switch. I'm having some problems getting vb.net up and running, though).
  15. luke88

    Physics engine + VB6

    I would switch to vb.net, but I heard that the differences between that and vb6 are quite significant, and I don't really want to start learning something new just yet. If I were to switch to vb.net, how would I go about doing the things you mentioned?
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