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  1. C++ inheritance vs C# inheritance

    I've been in MI hell with C++ on many occasions and when you are put on a project and encounter a class with three or four base classes I can feel my testes retreat.    There's a good blog here talking about why C# doesn't support multiple inheritance which might answer your initial question.   http://blogs.msdn.com/b/csharpfaq/archive/2004/03/07/85562.aspx
  2. WT* ?

    There are posts on Gamedev that are boring and some that are interesting but this one made my Friday
  3. Brainstorming: Starting "Simple" text adventure.

    The best way to start writing a text adventure is to come up with a decent story and how the protagonist exists and interacts within that new world you have created. Then develop the engine around that.    I found that writing an engine from the ground up before I knew what type of adventure it would run led to me engineering in limitations about what the player could do.  I knew how the story should play out, but had written a generic parser and system which was similar to other really basic text adventure games.    You can't beat a blank pad of paper and pen to hammer out a design first.   Good luck. 
  4. There were a few of these back in the days of the Amiga and the game Captive springs to mind.  Not seen one since though apart from of course system shock..etc
  5. WCHAR To const char* String Conversion Issue

      I agree with Vortez.  If you ever have any issues with rendering text from a buffer just drag it into the memory window and what exactly it is you are trying to render. In this case you would see that every other character is a null.    You get the same effect if you attempt to display a wide to the console using %s or %S instead of using  %ls.    I've been burnt by this in the past. its almost like an initiation right     Good luck
  6. Ooops, wasnt logged on. <Ahem> Usually you will get that debugger message if you are trying to debug a release image. I used to use Vis studio 6 and believe me it took me a while to figure a lot of things about 2003.
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