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  1. Unity Open Source Sharing Website

    I have heard of those two but are there anyothers. I'm looking for a real professional Interface that is easy to manuver through and very simple to find what you are looking for.
  2. Ok I was wondering if there was a good professional open source community that allows you to share files, Ideas and also have a place for freelancers?
  3. Operating Systems - - - Question?

    yea thanks for the other links. And I have started C a while back and it has its differences and I was planning on ether starting C++ or Assembly near the end of this summer so im gessing it'll be assembly. Again thanks!
  4. Operating Systems - - - Question?

    yea one more question, this time about Assembly. Do you have to develop on the same processor type that your running you OS on or can you develop on one and run on another.
  5. Operating Systems - - - Question?

    well thank for the help i really do apreatiate it. this really dose help. BTW - I do have about 2 1/2 year in C# so i have a bit of experence.
  6. Operating Systems - - - Question?

    yea i kinda figured that but is there any good stuff about OS's.
  7. Dose anyone know how somone would get started making an OS... Im not really looking in to making nothing big but atleast something that boots up and runs some basic processes. I just want to know what i would need the get started and what languages i need to know. or If anyone has some links or book sudjestions that would be great to.
  8. [.net] C++ to C#

    The way I learned it was I read "C# In Easy Steps" that will give you the basics (if you dont want to learn the stuff like how to declare a varible, skip the first chapter the rest is good (it will only take about 4 hours to read and you'll acually have learned somthing)). Then you nee to get "C# Programers Cook Book" its a good reference guid. Then you can get a book or two on DirectX and you'll be set.
  9. Test - what kind of American English do you speak?

    50% General American English 0% Yankee 50% Dixie 0% Midwestern 0% Upper Midwestern As you con tell Im from the South East. );^)=>|~|<
  10. Communicate text, images, video?
  11. Begining AI Programing

    How do I get started programing AI? I know C# and am starting to program Assembly. What are some good books? tutorials? or just good advice?
  12. Im using C# and want to know the best way to find out the best way for 2 programs to communicate over the internet.
  13. C Sharp ...

    Wasn't the guys original question about C# and java? how did C++ get in this? Anyways a good book for learning C# is "C# In Easy Steps" you can get it at
  14. Images in rich text box

    Using C# how do I display an Image in a rich text box? or can I, if not is there a similar control that lets me have text and images in one box?
  15. Images in rich text box

    Nope, not much help but thanks. I'll try posting in the .NET forums.