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  1. Quote:Original post by SiCrane It probably means that you haven't called PHYSFS_setWriteDir(). Can't believe i missed that function in the documentation, thanks!
  2. Using PhysicsFS v1.0.1, PHYSFS_getLastError gives me that error message whenever i try to open a file with PHYSFS_openWrite and PHYSFS_openAppend. What exactly does it mean? Thanks.
  3. _leech_

    Updated DirectX 9 Tutorials

    Your fullscreen toggle doesn't work properly. After switching back and forth two or three times, i get graphical corruption and a hard lock.
  4. Was just wondering if anyone could point me to a tutorial that could show me how to set up WTL for use with graphical APIs like SDL or DirectX? Haven't been able to dig up anything of use. Thanks.
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