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    Strongly-typed typedefs in C++ in MinGW and GCC (C++11, GCC v4.6)

    If it's of any help, I handled operator() in my pipeline library using Boost: [CODE]typedef BOOST_TYPEOF(&T::operator()) MemberOperatorPtr; typedef typename boost::function_types::result_type<MemberOperatorPtr>::type Result;[/CODE] (n.b. If I recall, the first typedef is necessary - you can't just substitute into the second.)
  2. TheUnbeliever

    Closures and Python 2.7

    I assume you're talking about [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/620400-python-closures-me-no-understand/"]this thread[/url], in which case I take issue with the assertion that nobody was able to help.
  3. TheUnbeliever

    3D Platformer

    You might be interested in Mobigames's EDGE, if you haven't seen it. It was in one of the recent Humble Bundles.
  4. TheUnbeliever

    More dev

    This is maybe a little contrived, but here's a couple ideas somewhat related to the above poster's suggestion: what if a user could tag a post as a question, an attempted answer (associated with (a) specific question(s)?) or neither (the 'neither' category being for general posts or queries for more information (e.g. "What compiler are you using?") and responses to such). Attempted answers could then be rated on a 4-point scale: 'Unhelpful' (Bad faith), 'good faith but technically inaccurate', 'helpful but with caveats (variable technical accuracy or helpful response mixed with abuse)', and 'model answer'. These scores for a given user's attempted answers could then be somehow aggregated (with weight of scores falling off with time - users can improve or degenerate, obviously) to provide a kind of 'rating' for a user.
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