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    Sexy. I recommend adding (abstract) paintings and lamps to the walls. Good job overall, I like 'em graphics.
  2. Gaheris

    Rendering system is complete!

    I'd be interested to read about your design.
  3. Gaheris

    Helicopter Of Awesomeness

    I like the style.
  4. Gaheris

    Showing vs Telling

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Video games are a visual medium, yet virtually all introductory resources/articles/tutorials are reams and reams of text. Thank FSM that it is still the case. I can read multiple times faster than anyone can present and talk about a subject. For graphics stuff there is a wonderful invention called screenshot and of course the video.
  5. Holy shit! I'm very glad to hear that you, your friends and your pets haven't been hurt. Good luck with the aftermath.
  6. Gaheris

    Journal Justification

    Don't you worry about the fun factor. Gameplay based on jetpacks = instant win! I know I had lots of fun flying around San Andreas with the jetpack.
  7. Gaheris

    Journal Justification

    Great stuff! Good luck on the project, I hope you'll get top marks.
  8. Gaheris

    Flash Game #2: Code Breaker

    Yay, I love "Master Mind". :-) IMHO selecting a color takes too much clicking. It could be reduced to two clicks per field if a color selecting overlay would open when clicking on a field.
  9. Gaheris

    Action Star Part 1

    Sounds quite exciting! Good luck with your project, looking forward to some footage. What software are you going to use for post production?
  10. Gaheris

    Map Editor Extrodinare

    Quote:Original post by OrangyTang Are there any particular bits you had trouble customising? They might be something I'll have to look out for. Well, it might not be relevant to you and your editor, but as soon as you want to customize the workbench windows layout everything goes FUBAR. Basically a lot of stuff is not exposed (e.g. TrimLayout) or decoupled enough to be usable. Have a look at the bug to see what I'm talking about. Again, this probably shouldn't bother you much. [RCP] Expand support for a custom workbench window layout
  11. Gaheris

    Map Editor Extrodinare

    Quote:Original post by OrangyTang I've basically written the whole thing off as too immature for proper use at the moment - especially as I only really need a simple list of maps for the user to open. I'm sure it'll improve over time though, so I'll probably revisit it at a later point and see if it becomes more suitable for my needs. Yep, I had the same reaction. I did do some experimentation with it but in the end I decided to revisit it in 3.4 or whenever they seriously improve it for RCP integration. I love the RCP but after poking around a bit, trying to customize it I quickly get to the point where the APIs I'd need to access are internal ones or the functionality is not exposed at all. There still is a whole lot to do to make it really universally usable to build any kind of product which doesn't fit in into some sort of IDE type of application.
  12. Gaheris

    Map Editor Extrodinare

    Quote:Original post by OrangyTang I had a look into the common navigator framework, but I didn't think it was suitable for what I was after (and again, documentation is sparse so I could well be wrong). The problem with CNF is that it's not really that usable in RCP applications. There are several hacks to make it work, at least some people claim to have it work for them. There is a great series of articles on CNF at scribbledideas [1]. For using CNF in a RCP application I suggest looking at the hacks mentioned here [2] and here [3]. Make sure you read all comments and hopefully you can make it work (if you really want to do this). Apparently CNF will be improved for RCP usage in Eclipse 3.4 but that's going to take its time. [1] Building a Common Navigator based viewer (PDF) - Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - What does the Common Navigator Framework help me do? (PDF) - Digital Paper Napkin (the blog) [2] CNF RCP bug [3] CNF RCP integration
  13. Gaheris

    Map Editor Extrodinare

    You're using RCP right? If that is the case, how did you get the project explorer in there? Did you include the whole IDE UI plugin and manually remove all the crap it drags along with it? Or is it a custom implementation? If so, did you redo the functionality all by your self or is it based on the eclipse common navigator framework? What kind of backend are you using for it (workspace, something EFS based, database)?
  14. Gaheris

    Pipes in JS

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan Ahem. . . http://www.thecodezone.com/games/confusebox.php Damn?
  15. Gaheris

    Pipes in JS

    The game is very simple but actually quite fun. I imagine it could be a nice flash game if you add some polish and maybe some more pipe pieces and different game goals (turn light bulb on, connect water hose to faucet etc).
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