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  1. Hello everyone! Well basically my problem is that I have programmed in DirectX 9 before. I have a few simple games under my belt (ie: 3d pong, breakout, a simple driving game with 2d physics etc) however, I haven't programmed in C++ using DirectX in about three years due to school eating up most of my time (and the fact that we are using Java and Python there) Returning to it now that I'm on a break from school, I'm starting to wonder if its worth brushing up on DirectX 9 again, or skip directly ahead to DirectX 10. The thing is, in DirectX 9, I've never done much shader programming and have always used FVFs. Shaders are something I really want to learn (for obvious reasons ;)) so I'm debating whether to brush up again on DirectX9 and learn shaders in it before moving to 10, or to just simply skip to DirectX10 and learn shaders there. Also, I'm having a bit of trouble finding good intermediate tutorials on shader programming and how to use them with DirectX. There seems to be a lot of beginner ones, and advanced ones, but nothing in the middle.... Thanks in Advance for your help guys! [Edited by - Mistro on September 3, 2007 11:14:58 AM]
  2. Mistro

    Visual Studio 2005 Runtime Dll's!

    You may have mixed it up with "Step Over". Step over and step out are two different things. If one step out dosn't work, keep trying. You should eventually get to your own code. I'm afraid I can't help much with the /MT and /MD question as I really don't understand what it is you're asking.
  3. Mistro

    tictactoe help

    What level of difficulty do you need these articles to be? It will depend on how much previous experiance do you have.
  4. Mistro

    My Sad Story

    I keep trying to auto complete while writting on word (and sometimes by hand :) ) damn intellisense...
  5. I also found this site to be helpful: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ as for program/compiler, Microsoft has a free version of Visual Studio up.
  6. To build, just right click on the project in the window on the side, and click build project. It should build the project. If it dosn't, it could be that you created the wrong type of project.
  7. Mistro

    Superbowl Commercials

    http://video.google.com/superbowl.html have fun :)
  8. Mistro

    Omfg low mortage!

    Probably to get people's info... Just like that advertisement that said "Your credit card number may have been stolen! Type your number here right now to check whether it has been used by someone else!"
  9. Quote:Original post by King of Men You could in principle put a dynamo against the wheels when the brake pedal was pressed. This would slow down the wheels, and at the same time charge a battery, or whatever. But I doubt you could make the energy transfer rapid enough to actually brake a car. Transfer to heat is, unfortunately, the fastest way to waste energy; that still holds when you are deliberately bleeding the energy from something. Regenerative braking :) its in hybrid cars like the civic n accord etc. I believe someone posted a link to it on the first page?
  10. Mistro

    Denmark cartoon controversy

    Quote: In Canada, it is a mild distaste for them. I know this is a bit late but i couldn't not reply to this. I'm sorry but coming from a canadian i can't begin to say how wrong this is. I dont' know where youve been to but ever been down to Toronto recently? It is the most multicultural place you could come to right after singapoore(The UN agrees too). Not much of this distate for muslims (and other religions for that matter) thing around here This is coming from a guy who immigrated to this country when he was 4. If anything, we have multicultural racism :) people usually take things quite light heartedly around here. (most people... there are always exceptions) The reason? no clue... prehaps something with our foreign policies?
  11. A quick lil update for those of you guys interested. The two guys charged have been released on bail. Kinda pisses ya off eh?
  12. Mistro

    Flying Car

    Its a black car. Look around in the parking lot. They look quite similar. some more stuff Here
  13. but the point is, even the cops say "don't blame the game"... And some bittersweet news outta this... A small group is asking the gov't to allow the family to come to canada since those were the taxi driver's plans. However, if they make an exception here, the'll probably be problems in the future.
  14. Mistro

    The face on the Pacific Ocean floor

    Better question... Why does the moon look bigger when it's near the horizon? Some say its because we have "known" objects to compare it to while in the sky, there isn't much to compare it to in your direct vision. However, that dosn't answer why sailors see this phenomenon too. All they have is water and that's not something that we can easily "precieve" the exact size of at a distance.
  15. Mistro

    Weird Screen Problem

    Ive had problems like that when the monitor cable was jiggly and wasn't secured properly to the Graphics card. However, assuming thats all fine and connected properly, there possibly could be a problem going from the connector to the card itself... So do what your gonna do and try replacing it.
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