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  1. I have drawn a molecular structure. i show the bonds with cylinders and atoms with spheres. the problem is that when i perform antialiasing then some part of sphere is hide by the cylinder and cylinder comes on the top. so visualization is not looking good. can any one help me?
  2. plz suggest me any book about the .net framework which is simple and easily understandable.
  3. soofian

    Spline problem

    i have two points p1 and p2. and i want 2 more points(control points) so that i can make spline curve. but i dont know how to calculate the control points.can any body tell me.
  4. i want to draw a single cylinder with two different colors such that half of the cylinder with red color and half of the cylinder with blue color. can any body tell me how it is possible ???
  5. soofian

    OpenGL rotation

    consider the example of a cube at center (0,0,0) when i rotate this cube it rotate about its center i.e (0,0,0) correct. but when i changed the center to (0,0,1) and rotate, it doesnot rotate about its center (0,0,1) but it rotate about (0,0,0). so what i want is that, the cube is any where on the screen it rotate about its center i mean when cube is at center(0,0,1) then it rotate at center(0,0,1) when cube is at center (2,3,4) then it rotate at center(2,3,4).i m using C# with OpenGL.
  6. i m using OpenGL with C#. i want to print the image generated by the program. can anybody tell me ?
  7. i m working on molecular modeling application. i have generate some views based on cylinders and spheres. i have drawn around 2000 atoms. i have used spheres for atoms and cylinders for bonds. but the problem is that the rendering is very slow and transfromation is also performing slow. tell me what should i do to improve the performance.
  8. i m working on C# with OpenGL. i have drawn some molecular views based on cylinders and spheres(3D objects). in fact i stored every atom as object. if 2000 atoms are there then 2000 objects are allocated space in memory with its member data types(like int, string etc). the problem is that when i render the image it is taking alot of time and transformation is also very slow. tell me is this a problem of memory or something else?
  9. can anybody tell me how to calculate the angle between two points (x1,y1,z1) and (x2,y2,z2) in 3D space.
  10. does OpenGL use cartesian coordinate system? or any other.
  11. i m working on the molecular visualization application. can any body tell me about any molecular graphics libaray that supports the ribbon and pipes & planks representation of molecules. or can any body tell me how these complex 3d images are drawn so that i can make it myself.
  12. i want to rotate two 3d objects separately with mouse by picking each of them individually. but when i pick any one of them and rotate then both the objects rotate. can any body tell me how it can be rotate by mouse separately.i want to do this on the single view port.
  13. i want to rotate two object separately on the same viewport in OpenGL. first i picked the object then i rotate it but when i rotate the picked object the unpicked object is also rotate. can any body tell me how to roate object separately.
  14. Can any body tell me how to make canvas to display things in OpenGL with C#.i m using CsGL wrapper class.or tell me any alternate without using canvas.
  15. soofian

    urgently needed

    I want to rotate objects by mouse in OpenGL with C#(CsGL). can any body help me.it is urgently needed.
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