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  1. Has anyone worked on Risk style strategy board games with DirectX and C++? I've been working on my own version of Samurai Swords. Where would display data be placed in the programming? The infinite game loop is throwing me for a loop as I am just beginning to learn this type of game programming.
  2. RangerKing

    Object Selection Using DirectX

    I've been working with the following idea: createPolygonRgn(); if(PtInRegion()) as the following illustrates... case WM_LBUTTONUP: { //borrow dc from main window HDC hdc=GetDC(hWndMain); char buffer[80]; // extract x,y and buttons //extract x and y from lparam int mouse_x = LOWORD(lParam); int mouse_y = HIWORD(lParam); if(PtInRegion(hrgn_IKI_0,mouse_x,mouse_y)) { sprintf(buffer,"Yes, x=%d y=%d is in Iki (hrgn_IKI_0) ", mouse_x, mouse_y); // set the colors SetTextColor(hdc, RGB(0,0,255)); SetBkColor(hdc,RGB(0,0,0)); SetBkMode(hdc, OPAQUE); // output the message TextOut(hdc,0,660,buffer,strlen(buffer)); } //return the borrowed dc to the system ReleaseDC(hWndMain,hdc); }
  3. RangerKing

    Object Selection Using DirectX

    I know what you mean. I'm setting up a game map of irregular bounded regions, which I would like to be able to select and match to an assigned territory name in game play. It seems odd that ExtFloodFill can fill an irregular bounded region with a certain color, but no function exists to determine a bounded region as a set of points. This would take a lot of coding on my own and who knows how much memory. I would be very interested to know how your progress is coming along and what you have tried so far. I'm considering that multiple rectangle approximation (bounding boxes) suggestion.
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