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  1. I was looking through the Java 1.5 api for a basic Queue implementation (something like ArrayQueue from Java 1.4) But looking at all the classes that extend the Queue interface I'm confused because none of them seem to be a basic ol' Queue. linky: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/java/util/Queue.html Any suggestions? thanks.
  2. When a java application enters through public static void main(String[] args) it requires that every method called from main be static as well. How can I design a class so that after entry through the main method I can can call other methods without them having to be being static. I basically dont want to end up with a class full of all static methods. What is the design convention for an issue like this? thanks.
  3. eben

    Is This Real?

    Umm, ya. If that was real, why is this edited with music added. If it was real we would be watching raw film.
  4. My sister is a big reader so she uses her palm to downloads a bunch of rss feeds and ebooks from various places like project gutenberg. On top of that shes got a dictionary and the seemingly standard girl-game bejeweled. Not to mention the organiser and note taker and stuff. Me on the other hand find pda's useless. That is untill I can find a cheap handheld that can give me perfectly rendered access to the intarweb all over the city.
  5. Quote:Original post by Extrarius It is impossible to directly convert RJ45 to Coaxial cable because RJ45 has several wires (that are all used) and Coaxial cable has 2. Thats what I was afraid of. The only reason I am/was considering this was for the leet factor, but Its seeming more complex than I gave it credit for. Quote:Original post by DrewGreen You could try using a computer with both coax and rj45 NICs to act as a link between the two networks. This is actually a really clever idea -- but dare I say it, I don't want anymore computers in this house! *gasp* 3 workstations and 2 servers is enough :P
  6. I want to expand my network to upper floors in my house. I have been resisting the man by not going wireless. I have also considered powerline products. I then realised my house currently has a seperate coaxial cable running from here in the basement to several rooms all over the building. I was wondering if there was a way I could connect an RJ45 cable from my switch to a Coax cable. Is it possible to re-wire RJ45 to interface with Coax directly. How exactly would I get the 4 seperate data wires in a RJ45 cable onto the one coax cable? I suspct this would involve encoding all the wires into one signal (which is a little too leet for me). I also saw this thing, though I'm not really sure if it's what I'm looking for.
  7. eben

    Playstation 1, Need Some Help...

    Quote:Original post by orcfan32 What exactly is the controller with two control sticks anyway? Original Playstation controller The PS1 Dual Shock Controller (came out later) The newest PS2 Dual Shock 2 Controller edit: googlyeyes beat me to a reply
  8. eben

    hand held of home game console

    I hate to post again so quickly but let me bold a few words in this post and you guys can pick you whats wrong. Ready class? Quote:Original post by jaytech listen if someone want to make a quick £1000 e-mail me at katharine@kgallaugher.wanadoo.co.uk ps the consoles outer shell has already been designed at you have to do is build the inside for more details reply Man this company thinks big, Sony eat your heart out!
  9. eben

    hand held of home game console

    Quote:Original post by jaytech i will pay £1000 to who ever can make me a hand held or home game console iam a private developer looking to pulish a new console. please contact me at katharine@kgallaugher.wanadoo.co.uk staff please note this is not a scam. thankyou ollie. I can often be heard going on about thoes who have desires to get into "business". In being jocular I will often make great generealizations about people who seek this for the extra comical punch. But here is an example of the quintessential lofty dreamer who perplex people like myself. Here we have a person who seeks to bank of someone elses skills. The buisness person fails to even offer up why you should contribute your hard skills to thier venture. This is analogous to so many I want to maek an MMORPG threads. Not only that, £1000 (~2000 CDN) is grossly unfair price to offer the person who will single handedly make support this company. Furthermore there is no mention of shared profits. Now that I'm done pretending this is even a practical request lets get onto why this is never going to happen. 1) You're asking for something highly hardware specific from a board frequented by programmers and artists 2) This task is being approached as though it's easier than it is. 3) R&D doesn't take place on internet message boards. Get an engineering degree of someone who has one ps. I don't get me wrong, thoes with business educations and skills are often times very valuble members of business teams. Hell, you need 'em to do so much essential business tasks that techies just dont know how or have the time to do. Contracts, finding parts suppliers and money management are all make biz people highly valued assets. But this is just ridiculous.
  10. eben

    AI goes hardware?

    Many would agree there would be an expansion card for physics long before an AI expansion card catches on.
  11. I would like to know the easiest way to access and manipulate string data from webpages. I want to write a quick and dirty app to grab infromation from sites. This may involve sending a search term through a from object and storing the results. The only catch is I need a suggestion that I can implement in C/C++ or Java as they're the only languages I know. So basicaly: 1) Access webpage (ie google.com) 2) plug search term 3) access first hit 4) dump to file I apologise if this is too general or noobish but I dont have much experience coding for the web. In fact the last time I did any socket/network programming was in VB6 and that was 5 years ago when I was 14 :) I appreciate any help.
  12. eben

    Mr. Potato Head has never looked so good.

    Wow. Further Proof George Lucas will sell the Star Wars liscence to anybody. Darth Vader Slurpee anyone?
  13. eben

    The Sunken City

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv I also think they shouldn't rebuild it. I mean not on the same spot. Just move in in a nearby area that is actually above the sea level. Humans have a history of settling on stupid plots of land (ie first settlers in Virginia thought a swamp was a great place to set up camp). Humans also have very very short memories, so if this is ever cleaned up people will move right back in. I always wonder why, when people have a choice (thoes who are fortunately not resticted by income), do they decide to buy/build homes on such god forsaken land?
  14. eben

    Why do they make laptops so hard...

    Quote:Original post by Raloth For example, nowhere on Dell's website do they say what video card or chip is inside. I'm trying to get a 12" or 14.1" without an integrated chip, but other places only have this with 15+". I was recently in crappy-web-interface-hell when looking for a laptop. I agree that Dell has a particularly shitty and above all inconsistent way of displaying notebook configs. But they actually have this nifty tool that just happens to be completely hidden from all users. It should let you see which notebooks have all the features you want: A GOOD product selector for Dell.com And this is how I got there: Dell Home > Dell Small Business > Notebooks > Notebook Avisor (WOW That sure is teh eazy 2 fiend!!!11 lawl++) Quote:Original post by Raloth I'm trying to find the laptop I want, but all the major manufacturer's are making it as difficult as possible. And while we're on the topic, what the hell is with the way they organize laptops on websites. What is a "business laptop" and what the hell is a "home laptop" ... Isn't a "gaming laptop" also a business laptop -- I mean it'll run power point right? Quote:Original post by Raloth Here's what I'm going for: Centrino based 1 gigabyte of ram Non-integrated video card, but it doesn't have to be amazing (no GeForce 6800) 12" or 14.1", emphasis on weight Budget of $1200 And the answer to that is eBay. Hope I helped.
  15. Spinal cord uplinks so we can manipulate peoples senses... For example: Make you smell things in games Make you feel like youre actually walking in a game etc. Wow, that thought is a little Orwellian :P
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