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  1. jordi_0071

    which engine?

    Hello, I was wondering what engine you would suggest. I want to make a 3d shooter game with a team out of 4 people. I want a engine that is easy to use and use-friendly.
  2. jordi_0071

    what do we need to know?

    Okay Ill use an other engine first for so I know what I can use for my own
  3. jordi_0071

    what do we need to know?

    Hey, me and some friends decided to make a fps game but we have a little bit experience in programming and some other stuff, we want to make a engine so our question is: what do we need to know and what programs can we use. Can someone point some things out for us?
  4. jordi_0071

    next book

    Hey, I have finnished my C++ grand Cru book and I decided to make a 3d shooter with some friends, but I wanted to know what book I should buy next cause I want to dive right in making a engine and game. What book do you recommend?
  5. jordi_0071

    free 3d game engine

    I just want something like 3d game studios but then for free. and maybe script language implented.
  6. jordi_0071

    free 3d game engine

    Hey, I want to start a small 3d game project just for fun. Maybe with some friends, but anyway does someone know a free 3d game engine without day trails etc just to make a game?
  7. jordi_0071

    Torque engine opengl initatisation failed?

    thnx, it works now.
  8. Hey, when i start the engine i get a error that the opengl initalisation is failed . and i need to install opengl 2, ive done that but still cant run the engine, what am i doing wrong?
  9. jordi_0071

    the Torque game engine

    Hey, Ive the 3d gameprogramming all in one book and wanted to install the torque engine but if i load it and goes to fullscreen its just fullscreen for few seconds and then turns off. I dont know what the problem is but is there a familiar engine were i can work with so i still can use this book?
  10. jordi_0071

    List name

    Its not homework, i dont have programming on school so:P. I just dont know were to start. I program in C++.
  11. jordi_0071

    List name

    Hey, I want to make a program were you have to enter a name then the name gets saved in a different file and the next time you visit the program and you enter your name it say's hello name. Can anyone give some advice or tutorials on how to do things like this?
  12. jordi_0071

    beginner in game programming

    thanks for the reply, i have ordered 3d game programming all in one.
  13. Hey, im new into game programming. I just finnished the C++ black book, and i want to get into game programming. I'd like to make 2d/3d games for windows. I can effort 2 books. Anyway i think i should buy a windows programming book and a game programming book right? What books do you suggest, for a beginner with only the basic experience of C++?
  14. Hey, im almost finished with C++ black book and want to get into game programming, i think i should get a windows programming book or is the a online documentation? and after that what should I learn then?
  15. jordi_0071

    messagebox button

    i cant work with msdn, but i tryed this: case MB_OKCANCEL: if (MB_OKCANCEL==IDCANCEL) { return 0; } break; and still not working.
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