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  1. Moomin

    Attenuation problems

    Just increase your range variable and it will fall to a lower value before being clamped to zero.
  2. This could be due to the mip-map level being used. The one pixel alpha border becomes interpolated at lower levels giving an alpha value between the 2 pixels closest to the edge. (Actually I think this would cause the opposite of your case?)
  3. Moomin

    Gaming Inventories

    In torchlight you have a pet that you can send off to town to sell items without having to go back yourself.
  4. Moomin

    No way to send structs

    This sounds suspiciously like you were getting the size of a pointer to the struct, i.e. sizeof(joingame*), which would of course be 4. I suggest you carefully check you sizeof calls.
  5. Moomin

    Why not learning AI?

    Quote:Original post by InnocuousFox [Interesting... thought that there would be more comments on this article either on here or on the site itself.] Although undoubtedly true, the article is not all that original. The general message echoes through the AI forums of this very website on a regular basis, leading my brain to file it under old news and registering me to move on without comment.
  6. Moomin

    Script language with C++ grammar

    Maybe GameMonkey Script?
  7. Moomin


    I find shaking works for grandparents as well. Not so much blowing though. I wonder if the hard drive received a full burial or was dumped outside in a skip... like my grandparents.
  8. Moomin

    Word filter?

    Good luck with words like Phuket. (Pronounced poo-ket)
  9. Moomin

    Reference & Pointer issue C++

    PrintPlusTwo(dOnePointTwo); Should be PrintPlusTwo(&dOnePointTwo); As dOnePointTwo is a double and the function signature requires a pointer to a double.
  10. Quote:Original post by szecs Maybe the OP (in general) is so noob, that he thinks a particular problem has something to do with the language. Although a lot of problems are language independent, there are just as many that aren't. (e.g. c++ archaic template errors, erlang otp behaviors) Rather than have the language attached to the title, some mention of context (API related, functional/procedural programming) would be nice but brutal to enforce.
  11. Moomin

    Fractal Image Algorithm

    Quote:Original post by CryoVenom I made a mandelbrot renderer, but I noticed that when I zoom in really far it becomes blocky. Is this normal for a basic mandelbrot renderer and is there a way to cause it to be "infinite"? Or is there specifically something I am doing wrong? I can show the part where I calculate the value of the formula if someone requests to see it. Something is wrong, it is likely a precision issue. A quick way to tell if it is a precision issue would be to change from float to double, and record if the zoom level at which the 'blockiness' starts is increased.
  12. Moomin

    Physical basis of rendering

    Wikipedia:Rendering equation In particular photon mapping computes the integral by approximating it using a sum over n photons. Whether this converges to the integral depends on how the integral behaves.
  13. Looks like it is generating the default shallow-copy copy constructor. Try struct behaviour : boost::noncopyable or write a copy constructor with correct behaviour.
  14. Moomin

    Seamless Noise

    I admit I didn't quite understand your analogy, but surely a spherical mapping would work, something like: for x=0,bufferwidth-1,1 do for y=0,bufferheight-1,1 do local s=x/bufferwidth local t=y/bufferheight local nx=cos(s*2*pi)*sin(t*2*pi) local ny=sin(s*2*pi)*sin(t*2*pi) local nz=cos(t*2*pi) buffer:set(x,y,Noise3D(nx,ny,nz)) end end
  15. Moomin

    Frequency modulated Sine wave

    Quote:Original post by djz And still, I can't figure out why my math is bad on the first one. Thanks for the right formula though!!! It's nothing to do with converting to radians. Its because you were multiplying VibratoHZ by time which you dont want to do. (VibratoHZ would be better called VibratoDisplacement.) Have a look at this graph to see what I mean.
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