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  1. Moomin

    Gaming Inventories

    In torchlight you have a pet that you can send off to town to sell items without having to go back yourself.
  2. Moomin


    I find shaking works for grandparents as well. Not so much blowing though. I wonder if the hard drive received a full burial or was dumped outside in a skip... like my grandparents.
  3. Moomin

    Seamless Noise

    I admit I didn't quite understand your analogy, but surely a spherical mapping would work, something like: for x=0,bufferwidth-1,1 do for y=0,bufferheight-1,1 do local s=x/bufferwidth local t=y/bufferheight local nx=cos(s*2*pi)*sin(t*2*pi) local ny=sin(s*2*pi)*sin(t*2*pi) local nz=cos(t*2*pi) buffer:set(x,y,Noise3D(nx,ny,nz)) end end
  4. Moomin

    More Particles

    To fix your thread safety, you need to do something like unsigned int ParticleInfomation::IncRefCount() { _InterlockedIncrement(refCount); } unsigned int ParticleInfomation::DecRefCount() { _InterlockedDecrement(refCount); } ParticleInfomation::~ParticleInfomation() { if(refCount && DecRefCount() == 0) { //delete here } } In your code, there could have been a decrement on another thread in between leading to possibly multiple deconstructions. Also goes for any similar code in your constructor.
  5. Moomin

    Some basic C++ template metaprogramming

    Doh I didn't realise static_cast allowed you to go down the heirachy but it makes sense. But your code is definitely a prime example of template magic :)
  6. Moomin

    Some basic C++ template metaprogramming

    Hmmm... seems like a complex alternative to static_cast? Although maybe the real bug was the template parameters being supplied?
  7. Moomin


  8. Moomin

    Free book giveaway number two

    Books for the voracious, Europeans suffer, minds left blue, No book received.
  9. Moomin

    Let There Be Light

  10. Moomin

    Warbots Online working title ... Big Update xD

    IMHO the god rays look slightly over the top on some of the outdoor scenes.
  11. Moomin

    Memory Management Part II

    void operator delete(void* ptr, MemType type) { Mem::Free(ptr); } void operator delete[](void* ptr, MemType type) { Mem::Free(ptr); } I'd just like to point out that the only time an overloaded version of delete is called is when an exception is thrown in the constructor of the object being constructed. i.e. you can't use these functions yourself, luckily they are functionally equivalent of your overloaded global delete operator.
  12. Moomin

    The Return of Man vs. The MMORPG

    Is the book more of a postmortem or more a book teaching you how to do it? I'm more interested in the first (which is what originally excited me about your journal.)
  13. Moomin

    Matrix Inversion

    We did matrices (including inverse, det, etc..) in high school. I'm surprised you didn't like the mathworld article.
  14. Moomin

    Cubegasm + XNA = 3

    Dual screen makes me jealous :(
  15. Moomin

    More design work

    Quote:Original post by superpig The IOTD got moved down because the skyscraper ad wasn't high enough up the page. The alternative would have been moving the 'Active Threads' box somewhere down there instead. Clearly some people would prefer the IOTD and some would prefer the Active Threads; that kind of flexibility has been accounted for in the doc. Although I spoke up for the IOTD being pushed down the page, I wouldn't have wanted the active threads going down. Is there no alternative? For instance move the IOTD under 'Members' in the left hand menu (above events) as IOTD has faster moving content than events and would then be visible without scrolling down. Also, I have always found the left hand menu little more than a waste of space since all the links are available from the drop down menus at the top. Quote: Using the tab key when posting has been accounted for in the doc, and so is a WYSIWYG posting editor. In fact, the list of things you'll be able to include in (some) posts is two thirds of a page long and includes things like LaTeX-syntax mathematical formulae, tables, and embedded video. (To be clear, not all parts of the site will allow all things; you may be able to embed video in your own journal entries, but not when replying to a standard thread somewhere else, for example). Yay
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