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    ARB_super_buffer ?

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel ARB_super_buffer is a made-up extension name. "SuperBuffers" were supposed to be The Cool New Thing (or, at least, One Of The Cool New Things) in OpenGL 2.0; the idea was to open up the GPU memory and data-transfer architecture to custom usage, in the same way that shaders opened up the rasterization pipeline. Unfortunately, it got pushed back and pushed back by a lack of consensus (translation, as far as I can tell: ATI and NVIDIA each wanted to make it so it worked best with their GPU) and seems unlikely to make it into the core anytime soon. I see... that's why I kept seeing "the soon to be released ARB_super_buffer" on some papers and threads... so ATI and NVIDIA are probably working on their own implementation of this idea?
  2. brightbird_2005

    ARB_super_buffer ?

    Quote:Original post by Myopic Rhino The closest thing we have right now is EXT_framebuffer_object, which is basically a scaled back compromise from the members of the superbuffers working group. mmmhhh interesting... I'll check that one, thanks!
  3. brightbird_2005

    ARB_super_buffer ?

    Hi all Anybody knows where I can find info about this? I tried to google on it and visited SGI site but I could not find much... Thx :)
  4. brightbird_2005

    Object Picking

    Great!!! thanks! I didn't imagine opengl.org would have info about the ray shooting method...
  5. brightbird_2005

    Object Picking

    Hi everybody I'm triying to find out a way to do object picking by creating a ray and testing the intersection against the object triangles. I have a viewport set with perspective projection, and I know the current camera position (this is where the ray would start), the view direction vector and the up and right vectors, but how do I calculate what point in world space the user clicked to define the endpoint of the ray?? any ideas?? any help will be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!
  6. brightbird_2005

    Memory Error - HELP

    I had a problem more or less similar a while ago... might be completely different. Is your 'Obj' class a derived class? If it's a derived class and the base class is an abstract class, make sure you have a virtual destructor defined in your base class...
  7. Hello everybody I have a dialog that inherits from CDialog, this dialog has a child OpenGL window that I update whenever the OnTimer message is received. I have some buttons in this dialog that call some modal dialogs, I show these dialogs with doModal(), the problem is that after clicking on a button and closing the corresponding dialog two or three times, the dialog is not displayed anymore, I think it's loaded in memory but it's invisible for some reason, if you press some keys like 'alt' for example, the dialog then becomes visible.... any ideas of why this is happening will be greatly appreciated :) regards, joel
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