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  1. Hello! I am trying to run CsGL on windows vista with aero theme activated. somehow CsGL controls do not update properly. With windows classic themes it works just fine. With aero activated rendering can be triggered by window resize events - with xp theme refresh is called automatically (possibly onPaint is called more frequently) did you experience similar problems? what is the clean way to fix this? EDIT: with "Disable desktop composition" in the applications compatibility settings enabled it works too. [Edited by - Eitsch on March 17, 2009 11:38:49 AM]
  2. i am using c# with slimdx whereby the build target is ANY CPU. an explicit x86 compile works but is there a possibility to run any cpu builds with perfhud? thanks
  3. sad...if this is the only solution... simple internal conversions would be nice anyway;
  4. my source color array's layout is: rgba (each single bytes). using DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM as internal format gives expected results (interchanged red and blue component). DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM does not work (Input layout creation fails). according to current directx docs these formats don't work like the names promise. DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM A four-component, 32-bit unsigned-integer format. ok.. DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM A four-component, 16-bit unsigned-normalized integer format that supports 8-bit alpha. ...which seems inconsistent!.. so my question: what format should i use. i need bgra 32 bit.
  5. use glGetError to determine which operation fails with error code. make sure filtering is set up correctly
  6. Eitsch

    multiple glViewports

    just use glClear after setting up each viewport (and its clear color)
  7. this exception occurs in all cases. if file exists, or it doesn't - evertime SEHException. EDIT: after rebuilding the slimdx dll using latest svn source it seems to work. this dll does not contain the.FromFile overload method with 2 arguments. now i use: D3D10.Effect effect = D3D10.Effect.FromFile(Device, file, "fx_4_0", D3D10.ShaderFlags.Debug, D3D10.EffectFlags.None, (D3D10.EffectPool)null); [Edited by - Eitsch on January 12, 2008 11:58:16 AM]
  8. my c# app crashes at: D3D10.Effect effect = D3D10.Effect.FromFile(m_device, "MiniTri10.fx", "fx_4_0"); the slimdx example MiniTri10 works but in my app i get SEHException. i use exactly the same effect source (as in the example) and the device seems to be ok. (clearing framebuffer works) any ideas? thanks
  9. Eitsch

    Vertex Shader Question

    vertex texture fetches are available on modern hardware (sm3 hw). however it is a slow operation.
  10. Eitsch

    How qualified am I?

    god...what's goin on with this example?? second destructor fails - but why?
  11. get modelview with glGetFloat*v. multiply this matrix (sub3x3) with your vertex and add the translation vector (last row)
  12. Eitsch

    glut opengl vs opengl

    Quote:Original post by shotgunnutter Quote:Original post by alx123 I have this book that tell me that for more complicating games I need to know window programming and I only know console. I make a game with opengl and glut is so much easier. Can I make a really big game like Halo (is only a example) only using glut?? yes you can but it would take about 10 years! lol why should it take so long? yes .... there are better libs which offer more control, flexibility and features but come on...why should it take longer?
  13. sorry. no directx on mac os. to run dx on mac dx runtime libraries for mac os would be needed but microsoft only supports the own plattforms.
  14. you have to do the texture upload when your ogl context is active. this means you have to switch context (activate) in your "decode" thread. you could also create two ogl contexts and share resources between them.
  15. pointList.color = D3DCOLOR_XRGB(i, 0, 204-i); if i (so pixelcount) is higher than 204 you produce negative color values. furthermore i think a drawPixels call would be more appropriate.
  16. Eitsch

    Help with reflection

    if you want to do it using a reflection texture: 1) render reflection-render into FBO or just copy it to texture (geometry scaled with -1 and clipped on reflection plane) 2) project this texture to reflection plane in the shader (projective texture mapping) there are many examples out there - especially in nvidia SDK.
  17. i ran into some problems with fmod and linux. i can link programs with libfmodex.so but when i try to run the app i get following message: [root@localhost 3d]# ./3d ./3d: error while loading shared libraries: ../../api/lib/libfmodex.so: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied [root@localhost 3d]# this problem occurs with the examples and also with my program. i am using: # FMOD Ex 4.06.22 (STABLE). Released 22nd June 2007. and all lib files are copied to /usr/lib. furthermore i copied these lib files into my apps folders but this didn't help either. i am running the apps as root so i just can't understand what this permission message should mean. i am new in linux development so maybe my problem is really dumb but...... thanks
  18. Eitsch

    fmod - linux runtime probs

    thanks. with system-config-securitylevel i disabled it and now it works. and: i have never heard of this SELinux stuff rocks!
  19. Eitsch

    OpenGL OpenGL Perspective Problems

    make sure you're rotating the modelview and not projection matrix.
  20. i think the problem is not to learn specific languages apis,... -> but the real problem is the way of thinking needed to program.. and i agree with your "younger people learn easier" but i think all discussions concerning languages to learn first are just nonsense.
  21. Eitsch

    Mac, Good for programming?

    pro: - most needed libs included - XCode became a great IDE - uncomplicated to setup libs (just add .framework in most cases) - unix based - you can use most linux stuff - Cocoa is pretty cool contra: - sometimes hard to use specific libs/programs (maybe C#) - no DX - sometimes very very very buggy graphics drivers
  22. Eitsch

    Wierd Rendering Effects

    i don't see if you enable it but i'd try to disable GL_LIGHTING, GL_BLEND,
  23. Eitsch

    Heightmap + Collision detection.

    just replace the d3dx calls with your own planeEquation functions. google for planeEquation. here: vec3 AB = p1-3p0; vec AC = p2-p0; planeEquation.Pn = AB.crossProduct(AC); planeEquation.Pn.normalize(); planeEquation.D = -planeEquation.Pn.dot(p0);
  24. Eitsch

    OpenGL Unicode OpenGL

    SDL_ttf can render udf and unicode texts. the result, stored in SDL_Surfaces can be used as textures in opengl
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