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    Sending Money with Gmail Invite

    Thanks a lot man.   Taking forever to verify my identity/bank account, but as soon as that's done I got your back.   Don't want you thinking I robbed you of that penny ;-)
  2. I figured since this is where I have gotton pretty much all my google beta invites, including my gmail account.  I'd ask here.   If anyone wants to send kgobel at gmail a google wallet send money with gmail thing invite, i'll buy them a beer :-).   Sorry if there was a thread somewhere else for this.
  3. ArchG

    [web] PostbackURL

    You can access the variables like this in PHP: $AuthNumber = $_POST['Auth']; - where 'Auth' is replaced by the field name specified by the API. [/quote] string data = (string)Request["data"]; // where 'data' is replaced by the field name specified by the API thought i'd give an example if you're familer with c#, might as well use it.
  4. I guess i've never really thought about using anything different than a GUID, i've never had near a million records tho. I thought that was fairly standard for projects big and small...although of course I could be wrong.
  5. ArchG

    Finishing Degree Online?

    Hey, thanks for the replies. As for wanting the degree..I don't know, I'm not too far away from finishing, and have extra time. I thought it would be good to at least say I have it. Also all job postings i've seen also say BS in CS required, I obviously haven't applied for anything, so I don't know if it's really necessary, but it can't hurt to improve one's resume.
  6. ArchG

    Finishing Degree Online?

    Hello, So I dropped out of school about 70 credits in to a BS in CS. Got a programming job and have been doing it since (bout 3 years). I have a bit more free time though now and am looking to finish up my degree. I've thought for a long time that finishing it online would be best, since I don't feel like I really need an instructor to hold my hand, I'd like to work ahead sometimes and I'm used to working on my own schedule. Has anyone got their degree online? If so where? I've been looking into a couple colleges, but the reviews are ALL over the place. Some people saying it was the best experience ever, some people complaining that online degrees suck and not to them. I've looked a bit into Baker Online, and Grantham online, the prices seem pretty cheap (around 250 per credit), and they both look accredited. If anyone has gone through this mess or has some information or advice, or even school recommendations, please let me know. Thanks alot.
  7. Hello, So i'm subscribed to a site that provides educational videos for a low cost. Problem is they use a shitty flash player, and with my slow internet at home, I cannot view the videos (i can watch like 5 seconds at a time before it has to buffer more, and I can't just let it sit on pause or anything because it will not buffer until I hit play, leaving no chance for me to watch the video un-interrupted. I'm trying to find a way to download the .flv file that is being played (so i can download it, and then watch it without having to wait for it to buffer every 5 seconds). Is this always possible? The site seems to be doing a fairly good job of stopping people from being able to find where they are stored. I've tried alot of the firefox addons and such that allow me to "Download YouTube Videos' or download videos from sites, but none have worked on this site, I also tried looking with firebug to see if I could find where it was streaming from, but that didn't work either. Is this just something i'll have to deal with, or is there a way that someone knows of that will allow me to find where the .flv file is stored (via some program or browser addon) so i can download it. If anyone has any ideas lemme know... thanks for the help guys
  8. Hello, I've built an application using some third party libraries, and i'm having trouble getting it to run on any computer besides the development machine. I've included all the files these libraries say they require but obv I don't have all of them. Is there anyway to run a program to see exactly what my application is using that most computers wouldn't normally have? Short of installing visual studio on every machine i'm not sure what else i need to include. Thanks
  9. I did something similar recently. I used a GridView to display a bunch of records, and each record had a couple buttons (Edit, Delete, View or something). I used an Item template with it like this <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Options"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:Button ID="bEdit" Text="Edit Record" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("ID") %>' CommandName="Edit" runat="server" /> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> then in my code behind, i had something like this (code in C# cause in VB i'd just be guessing) protected void gridRows_Command(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName == "Edit") { int id = (int)e.CommandArgument; //reload page with your edit box for this particular item } } I think that's kinda what you're looking for, let me know if the grid view solution will work for you and I can help you more with it, or if you don't want anything to do with some of these nasty asp controls i'll try to get you a solution more like you asked for.
  10. Hello, I have an application that is taking a long time to startup (about 8-10 seconds...i do have a splash screen showing during this time). I decided to speed it up by getting rid of some startup methods, or changing them around...but it's really weird what's happening, and i'm not sure why it's doing this. (To explain what's going on i'm going to give an example sort-of of what's happening) After some profiling, I found that my main window constructor was taking about 10 seconds to finish, but 95% of that time, was taken by my first startup method, (we'll call it connectToWebService()). So my constructor looks like this /// /// Version 1 (Original) /// public wndMain() { //takes 9 seconds to get through this method connectToWebService(); //the rest is really quick readXMLFile(); checkForUpdates(); readLocalSettings(); } I changed the connectToWebService method, to only connect to the webservice if it actually needs to, otherwise, just use the data we got from it last time (something similar to that). So i got this method really fast...but then the next method starting taking about 9 seconds to get through. /// /// Version 2 /// public wndMain() { //changed this to work differently, really fast now (10ms or so) connectToWebServiceIfNeeded(); //now takes 9 seconds to get through this method readXMLFile(); //these are still really quick checkForUpdates(); readLocalSettings(); } So then what I did was make the readXMLFile() method faster, but the same thing happened, the time problem just jumped down to the next method. I optimized everything I could and got the whole constructor to execute really fast...but the load time problem is still there...the application finishes the constructor in about 100ms, then I have no idea what happens, but my window still doesn't show for the same old 10 seconds. How do I figure out what's slowing me down? Is this common with WPF applications? Once the window constructor is done executing, shouldn't the window be launched immediately? If someone could shed some light for me that'd be awesome.
  11. i think every developer has been caught by that one once in their time, or in the beginning learning process :-)
  12. If I may I'm just going to kinda re-explain the problem, it seems the solution is to handle this kinda stuff on the application 'first-run'. The problem is.. -Windows Installer requests admin access, so the admin profile is loaded, which no longer has anything to do with the current user. -I launch my application after the install is finished, but since we're using the admin profile, the application is also launched under the admin profile, and not the current user. ------- If i'm incorrect in any of the above, please correct me. Although I may give into the theTrolls' demands and rewrite everything with no registry contact, I'd still like to see a solution, or how this is normally handled.
  13. so there is only problem is if you don't clean up? Which also seems pretty easy to do, and to test. Can anyone show me how to run a process using the local user profile from an installer? This also caused other problems in the past when using code like Enviorment.GetFolderPath(SpecialFolder.Desktop); ^^returns the wrong path on XP machines if the app is run from the installer. Had to switch it to Enviorment.GetFolderPath(SpecialFolder.LogicalDesktop); (or something like that) thanks.
  14. I'll mess around with something like that. Admin access is not a problem as the installer is always givin admin access. The problem now is that when I launch my application from the is also launched under some other profile, the ProcessStartInfo.LoadUserProfile seems to have no effect, I'll have to read up on the docs for that. Switching the values I have in the registry to some type of config file just feels like I'd be going backwards. It's a pain to modify the values, add new ones, remove old ones. These aren't settings I want the general folk to change either (granted if someone is that desired to change them they can figure it out). The registry gives me some type of isolation, and is a hell of a lot easier to manage/deal with, its also probably faster. I'm not making adobe photoshop here, I have very few values that need to be held in the registry, since the targeted platform is .net and wpf...i don't think these few entries will be taxing on ANY computer. So yeah, I'm not convinced that rewriting a bunch to specifically NOT use the registry is a good idea at all...more like a waste of time for a worse solution. Are there any other reasons you seem to feel so strongly against using the registry other than some possible registry bloat...the only problem I see is if I don't clean up after my application, and leave hanging keys...even then..compared to other applications, this would be nothing.
  15. .... I greatly simplified my example for clarity, as I didn't want to give an example of something that didn't make sense to anybody. Believe it or not there is more to the application than reading and writing registry keys and using the registry as personal data storage spot. It's also not really named "myEXE.exe". I use the local application directory for my configuration files. I'm writing the installer/uninstaller at the same time as my application to be sure everything is cleaned up fine. I probably could waste a lot more time and re-write the applications differently so it didn't use the registry at all...but..why? Couldn't you argue the same dumb argument that I wouldn't delete the application files in the local app directory and there'd be junk there always? may have mis-understood part of my post. I don't need elevated permissions...I was just stating that when I run the installer (as any installer I believe)...they're given, I thought this had to be tied to the reason it's not putting the keys in HKCU. I have no idea why I have to explain stuff like this to ask a fairly straight forward question.
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