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    Show your cool desktop!

    And there is Mr. Musk
  2. vgmtech

    Local IT industry

    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about IT employment but does anyone have knowledge of Michigan’s IT industry? I was thinking about creating a startup, about IT services in mind? A Computer Shop – I believe there’re about 5 small shops around the metro aera. - Computerize - computerize.com - Southgate Computers – southgatecomputers.com - Strategy One Microsystems, Inc. - strategyonemicro.com I'm also reading the Small Business Wiki [Edited by - vgmtech on September 2, 2006 11:42:19 AM]
  3. vgmtech

    Computer problems (as happens so often)

    [caution]Backup your data now![caution] This could be an early warning sign of a disk failure or something else. I started to have problems with my W.D 120GB drive, it started very quickly and then the point of no return. Some times it didn’t boot and the next day or so it died. So I had to call dell. Next day it was on my door step.
  4. vgmtech

    A look at the US Education System

    Quote:Original post by Conner McCloud Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Don't the AP exams cost money though, if you aren't in the classes? Also, I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for a test center around here. They cost money even if you are in the class, although some districts might cover the cost. Of course, its been seven years since I took my exams, things might have changed. As for test centers, the AP board could probably help you there. Google around, shouldn't be too hard to find who's in charge of it all. CM Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Placement_Program
  5. vgmtech

    A look at the US Education System

    Quote:Original post by SuperNerd I think the education system is designed to "mass produce" educated students. So the system only educates those who work well with the system. Smaller groups tend to be less important. I agree. Where I live, things are not going well. Michigan and auto industry is going down the drain and there very few ways can be not about it. Our city, Livonia is being divided because of the massive reorganization of the schools because of declining budget and enrolment witch means school closings and even more cuts. One of many things I see that high school is tiered. They have this philosophy: "What you to be successful..." when chousing classes. For example Math, I found this out the hard way In late middle school everyone is tested for math and reading, on a scale 1 to 100 1 to 30 is Review program (You’re Done... I was here) 30 to 60 General program (Minimum for Collage, Now I'm here) 60 to 90 College-bound (Mainstream for Collage) 90 – 100 Accelerated (AP) There is a lower class, Core Math. I don’t known how bad that is. They also have a Career Center and a few computer classes’ A+/Net+ and Cisco Academy and some web development (Microsoft software anyone? They don’t use Apache...) And I would not want to talk about there IT management is bad, Think god they let us use Firefox :) BTW: I'm in Special Ed, That needs to die:)
  6. vgmtech

    Whats the best free web hosting service.

    Try This: http://www.free-webhosts.com/power-search.php You can find any webhost to your needs. I found AwardSpace to be good but the file size is 500kb :)
  7. vgmtech

    I've been hacked !?

    This is the first time that I seen anyone got hacked. You’re right this is very poorly done and look at the ftp server very odd. And don’t download anything from it. I downloaded this file: and somehow it disappeared from my desktop?! Eweek has something on this too. "A _highly critical_ flaw in RealVNC's virtual network computing software could allow malicious hackers to access a remote system without a password" "The vulnerability is caused due to an error within the handling of VNC password authentication requests. It can be exploited to bypass authentication and allows access to the remote system without requiring knowledge of the VNC password" When was the last time I heard "Highly Critical"?
  8. vgmtech

    Running xp on old hardware (doest boot)

    Well I just wanted to see if xp will run on this really old machine with a LPX motherboard so it’s junk anyway.
  9. vgmtech

    Running xp on old hardware (doest boot)

    true, but it will run on a 386 with 20mb of ram http://www.winhistory.de/more/386/xpmini_eng.htm
  10. I have two pcs, my dell (512mb, P4 2.8GHz) and my first computer the IBM Aptiva 2176-C66 (48 mb, 166 MHz) at 10 years old. So I installed xp and got it to work on the IBM’s 2.1gb hard drive on the dell. But it won’t boot on the IBM? In safe mode it hanged at diver apg40.sys Could the boot settings on xp are too much?
  11. vgmtech

    ATX case wiring harness?

    I got the tools to do that, I was thing the something too.
  12. vgmtech

    Premade computers

    I don’t think you can’t get any better that Dell or of course for a good computer that you be proud of with good parts, Witchcraven Computer, Inc
  13. vgmtech

    ATX case wiring harness?

    I can not find a wiring harness for a ATX case anywhere, I’m working on a gateway case and the harness is a little sort and the power and hard drive led and switch cables are in one connector that I can’t use on a Intel mobo.
  14. vgmtech

    Help:My dad still as 98 w/ IE

    Quote:Original post by paulecoyote Wow, this sounds really Linuxy of me, but if you want to use sommit else to browse the web you could plonk in a copy of Knoppix in the cd / dvd drive and boot off that. Other "live" linux distributions might take your fancy too, like Ubuntu, Mandrake, SuSe or even Gentoo. They don't need to install anything to the HD. One little thing, that is nice having live distro’s but since his computer could be 8 years old and runs 98, not saying anything bad about. Will it run and what kind of internet is it? At best DSL distro will run.
  15. vgmtech

    Setting up a network

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