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  1. Sol462

    UltimateGameProgramming vs. CodeSampler

    My suggestion: learn from all of them. The more resources you have, the better.
  2. Sol462

    If Else Problems

    You need a closing brace before the else, one right after it, and another one to close that one off. Also, your loop is not closed. while ((guess != theword) && (guess != "quit")) { if (guess == "hint") { hints++; //when i add this line it wont compile cout << thehint; } else { score = score - 3; cout << "Sorry, thats not it."; cout << "Your guess: "; cin >> guess; } }
  3. Sol462

    Me vs. Multiple Files : Round 2

    Because the functions are defined in pet_class.h, which you've included in your main file.
  4. Sol462

    Looking to buy a DirectX book

    Quote:Original post by glaeken Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 was a great book, but I would suggest the second version, Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0: A Shader Approach. It's heavily shader oriented in order to prepare you for DX10. Forgot about the shader one. I should pick that one up soon.
  5. Sol462

    Looking to buy a DirectX book

    True, but it's possible to extract the good parts out of it. There's also Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0, which is more elaborate than the other book I suggested, and covers 3D theory a bit better.
  6. Sol462

    Looking to buy a DirectX book

    I suggest Beginning DirectX9 by Wendy Jones. Pretty good book, and covers making a window to initializing D3D to particles, etc. EDIT: It also goes into DirectSound and DirectInput, and has a simple game class.
  7. Sol462

    Popular coding style?

    Quote:Original post by Enselic Am I the only one using this hybrid? *** Source Snippet Removed *** This way it is a layout-wise difference between structure (functions) and logic (if while do for etc) which I think makes the code easier to read. I usually use that one.
  8. Sol462

    Popular coding style?

    I like to use a hybrid of the first and second methods, unless my supervisor makes me use the first. Sometimes I use the second if I need to see the brackets' alignment. public void function(int x) { if (x == 0){ //stuff } else{ //stuff } }
  9. Sol462

    Dev-C++ linking Question?

    Declare the town function in a header file with the code in a cpp file. Then include the include that town is in in your main source file.
  10. Sol462

    Books - What do you recommend?

    I've learned much from C++ for Dummies (as well as More C++ for Dummies) and Fundamentals of C++. Both are slightly old but useful if you just read the C++ parts. Things like graphics and editors you can ignore.
  11. On what lines are you getting these errors? [ code] tags format your code to look like an IDE.
  12. That line's correct. The only thing I've done differently was cleared the zbuffer in addition to the target, but that shouldn't affect anything.
  13. You should have a ShowWindow call after you create the window methinks. Also, try to put long segments of code into [ code] tags. It makes it a bit easier to read your code.
  14. Sol462

    Is there such thing....

    Yes, many: 3DS Max ($expensive) Maya ($Also expensive) Blender ($Free) Wings3D ($Also free) Milkshape3D ($~30) Anim8tor ($Free) The list goes on and on.
  15. Sol462

    Some Model Renders For My Sci-Fi Game

    Looks nice! Kinda reminds me of a Star Wars cantina. How did you create the shadows? They don't seem to fit the geometry.
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