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    Any other then...

    Winsock is how you do networking on windows. All other libraries are just wrappers for winsock. Why are you opposed to using winsock?
  2. You're thinking about it backwards. Take whatever it is you want in the file and overwrite the old one.
  3. Quote:Original post by sofakng I'm trying to use SFML (for .NET) along with Lidgren (networking library) to create my own engine and I'm finding it difficult to synchronize player movement and other such things (I've posted here for help and have read many, many articles). ...but I'm wondering why nothing like this already exists? Sure there is RakNet which I suppose is the closest thing, but why doesn't any 2D engine exist that synchronizes player movement? In a 2D game the player typically only has three variables: rotation, position, and velocity. On top of that, I can see a general framework allowing you specify certain variables or entire objects and use reflection (.NET) to synchronize them across the network. It's not that I don't enjoy programming. I often really enjoy it but I don't enjoy creating the game engine. I just wish something existed for 2D that took care of mostly everything and let me create the "game". (I know many non-multiplayer engines exist but I want the networking/multiplayer aspect). It's too complicated to create a generalized solution.
  4. mpipe

    Goodbye 4th Ammendment

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Linky So the conservative majority in the Supreme court has decided today that the 4th ammendment just doesn't have to be followed anymore. I am almost speechless over this. How in the world can anyone possibly justify this? This is opening up the gates for massive police corruption on a scale we've NEVER seen before. Now all it takes to jail someone for life is to bust into their place with no warrant "on accident", plant whatever drugs you want, and BAM. Instant jail sentence. Yea - Alito Kennedy Roberts Scalia Thomas Nay - Breyer Ginsberg Souter Stevens Well your country as already suspended to writ of habeas corpus. This is just more of the same.
  5. mpipe

    Netbooks and Game Programming? wha u say?

    Why would you program on a netbook?
  6. Quote:Original post by Chrominium Just needed confirmation on something about c#. I have always been told that in C++, the pre-increment (++n) operator was the fastest operation for incrementing a integer. However, I've now been informed that this isn't the case anymore with c#. n = n + 1 is just as fast as n++ and ++n. Is this true? If you're THAT worried about performance I wouldn't be using C#. (C# programs aren't that much slower than C++ programs but there is a trivial gain.)
  7. mpipe

    [web] PHP/SQL Help

    Quote:Original post by redfeild $username = $_POST["username"]; $password = $_POST["password"]; $fname = $_POST["fname"]; $lname = $_POST["lname"]; $email = $_POST["email"]; $dob = $_POST["dob"]; $sex = $_POST["sex"]; mysql_query("INSERT INTO `users` VALUES ('$username', '$password', '$fname', '$lname', '$email', '$dob', '$sex', 'datejoined', '0')",$con); 8[/quote] This is very very very bad. You're leaving yourself wide open to SQL injection. Look up mysql_escape_string.
  8. mpipe

    Why wouldn't my EXE run in Mac?

    different operating system, that's why.
  9. mpipe

    Speed problems with Windows 7?

    Quote:Original post by Palidine IIRC Windows 7 turns out not to be any faster than Vista. And I'm also pretty sure that it has around the same resource requirements. For instance, Vista isn't really happy until it has 4GB of RAM. Your 512MB is seriously lowballing the OS: you're going to need to get that up to 2GB to even start to make it happy. What chip do you have? 3Ghz should be fine Otherwise OpenGL might be slow due to poor driver implementations at this point (Windows 7 being still in beta or even pre-beta) Also, this is waaaaay the wrong forum. Try the Hardware forum: a mod will probably move, don't double-post [smile] -me I have 2GB of ram and Vista runs fine.
  10. mpipe

    saving my game

    Quote:Original post by jimi_hendrix how do real games do it? generally they save the data to a file in binary form.
  11. mpipe

    Visual Studio see all vars- how?

    Quote:Original post by asdqwe For Visual C++ NET, how can I see ALL my project's variables? I can see them in Class View, but not the local ones (only the globals). the ones in the class view aren't globals. A global is a variable that exists in all contexts of the program.
  12. mpipe


    Quote:Original post by phil67rpg any help would be appreciated. like wise.
  13. mpipe

    how to get a bytecode file ?

    Quote:Original post by dxj19831029 I remeber you motioned that the precompiled byte code is not platform independent, isn't it, Angel? So think about this issue before you decide to use it. perhaps you could compile the source code to byte code the first time the app is run on a machine, then store it in an encrypted archive of some kind.
  14. mpipe

    Catching neighborhood thieves

    Quote:Original post by Kest We seem to have a thief problem here. Every few nights, someone is getting into people's unlocked cars and buildings, taking everything of value. Quote:Original post by Kest someone is getting into people's unlocked cars and buildings Quote:Original post by Kest unlocked cars and buildings I'd start here.
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