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  1. Anyone know where I can contact Mike Hamlett??

    I'd suggest also trying facebook and avoiding creating multiple topics. I also think it is Illegal to post personal information about someone.
  2. Free Bryce 5.0 3D Modelling Software

    From my understanding it was designed mainly for landscapes, and it's been years since I've opened a copy of bryce and in doing so I spent very little time in the program -- I'm not the best person to ask about Bryce. I mentioned it's not the best, because I consider packages such as Lightwave, Maya, and Max to be the leading 3 programs for those who wish to create Game Art. I use Maya personally, version 7.0 However, this is a Commercial grade 3d modelling program that is being offered for free :)
  3. Free Bryce 5.0 3D Modelling Software

    DAZ 3D Content & Software is giving away Bryce 5.0 3D modelling software for free through September 6. The link to the site is: I know this isn't the best software out there but it's free and for people who are concerned about software piracy and like to do things by the books, this is a great hook up. Feel free to repost, or move this to the appropriate location or thread. Thanks Prez!