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  1. ElementCy

    Manic... IT'S COMING!

    I am finishing testing Manic, a sweet, sweet fun filled game for WP7 devices. Hopefully testing goes smooth, and it will be uploaded to the marketplace later this weekend, or first of this coming week. This update is short and sweet. Until next time... Source
  2. ElementCy

    Holy Bloated XML Batman!

    This weekend, I started to plan out on how to save the world data in chunks for my upcoming ProjectCube game. Just for fun and the simple fact it was easy to do, I tried saving a copy of the data using XNA's IntermediateSerializer. I knew it would be more bloated than something I could come up with myself, but wanted to see just how big it would be. After getting a test project setup and pouplated, I let it chunk thru the generating and saving of the level data for a region. A region in ProjectCubed consists of an array of 32x32 chunks, each chunk being 16x128x16 cubes. If you do the math, that is a grand total of over 33 million cubes (if every spot on the region is a cube.) After it ran and saved the file, I just laughed and thought "Yea, I'm not using this." The file it saved was a whopping 780ish MB. Just for that small region, which ProjectCubed will be comprised of more than just 1 single region. After widdling away, and coming up with a nice and compact format, I took that 780MB file and got it down to a whopping 32MB. This is much more managable. So in conclusion, IntermediatSerializer is great for something quick and small, not for a huge datastructure. Source
  3. ElementCy

    High Resolution Texture Test

    I replaced some of the textures for the cubes with a higher resolution one. Before was using a 16x16 texture for the cube faces, and now I have had my artist friend whip me some 64x64 textures, and I must say, it looks awesome! Up next will be spliting the world in a loadable format and load a set number of regions depending where the user is at. For now though, let your eyes enjoy this sweet, sweet eye candy. Source
  4. Got around and updated the site to the latest and greatest version of Graffiti along with replacing the comments with Disqus. I have to say, I really like Disqus so far, and was pretty simple to add to the website. All original comments are not lost, they just won't appear anymore (there weren't many, so it's not hurting much). I do beleive I will be integrating said commenting system on my other sites in the near future. Nothing really new on the project front just yet, been busy getting other stuff square away before I hit the ground running. I am going to at least try to get a nice demo or partially done first "chapter" of the story for the project wrapped up and submit it to DreamBuildPlay this year. For those you think I have abbandoned my Platformer series of articles, don't fret. I am planning on converting them over to XNA 4.0, and release the last few along with them within a few weeks after the updated versions. The plan for that is "as soon as I get to it" or probably towards the end of February or early/mid March. Until next time... Source
  5. ElementCy

    New Project In The Works

    The other day I started to dabble with 3D aspect of XNA. Ran thru placing a model on the screen, and making a few simple shaders. Things were progressing very nicely, and thought, you know what? I have a pretty slick idea using very simple 3D tech. So I whipped up a new project, and started to work on a simple Voxel engine. This is no ordinary voxel engine that is used back in the day. This is very similar technique that MineCraft uses. This project I am envisioning is not like Minecraft, just using similar terrain system. I will provide more details on this little project, but for now it is just called "Project Cubed". On that note, enjoy a sweet, sweet vid. Source
  6. ElementCy

    Goodbye 2010... Oh HAI 2011!

    As 2010 starts to fade, a bright now year is just around the corner. Since it is a new year, most people start planning out new resolutions to hopefully accomplish in the new year. I'm not going to bore you with the list of mundane personal resolutions. Instead, I am going to list off a few regarding game development, and hopefully look back next December to see if these get accomplished. Ship at least 2 games. Be it to XBLIG or WP7, but will be 2 different games. If I make one, and release to both, I am counting that as just 1. This year, I released 1 to the Apple AppStore, and nothing to WP7 or XBLIG. My goal is to at least double what I did this year for 2011. Finish my secret platformer, Project RCC. This game is semi big in terms of my other projects I have created/started. I have started a few of the tools, and have a rough draft of the story and some dialog. For 2011, I want this game to be pushed out to XBLIG and maybe a port to WP7/iPhone. Curve my developer's ADD. I like to start new projects on a whim, and maybe finish a portion of them. I have started to be better by writing said project ideas in a notebook to work on when I have the time. I need to be more focused on one project at a time than spreading myself out too thin. I think this is a good list for me to keep myself focused at the task at hand. On that note, catch ya in the new year. Source
  7. Can this be? Another part of my articles done and posted the same day!? Why yes it is! Part 5 of my I Can Has Platformer series has been posted for your viewing pleasure at SgtConker's, I Can Has Platformer (Part 5). This part discusses adding collectibles for our hero to collect while dodging/defeating the evil baddies. Whew, that was a busy weekend. =D Next part will discuss adding in a HUD for scores, lives, etc. Stay tuned for the next part, till then... Catch ya on the flip side. Source
  8. Part 4 of my I Can Has Platformer is finished, and can be viewed over on SgtConker's, I Can Have Platformer (Part 4). In this part, I give our hero a friend to play with, MuffinMan. He is such and evil, tasty little guy. He give trouble to our hero, and our hero has to squish the MuffinMan clones to defeat them! MuffinMan has a simple AI, just makes him move from left to right, and not fall off any platforms. Part 5 will add some collectables for our hero to collect. Stay tuned for it here shortly. Source
  9. Is it just me, or did August just get blown out of the water? Anyways, I am *this* close (if you could see me, you'd see my index finger and thumb making a small gap to show how close) of finishing Part 4. All that is left is finishing the article's write-up and getting the code all nice and neat for the mass to consume. It should be ready for Sgt by end of the week, if everything goes according to plan. In the meantime, I hope this screenshot will tide you over. =D Source
  10. ElementCy


    It can not be August already... *checks calendar again* Well damn, it IS August. Where did May, June, and July go? Well, I have been asked a few times when the next "I Can Has Platformer" part will be out, and I assure you I am not dead and didn't forget about it. I should be finishing up Part 4 sometime this month, and have Part 5 and 6 out shortly after that. I have been trying to get my life in order, and preparing to release 2 new sites, and an Iphone game. On that note, I am never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down... Source
  11. Hey guys, I just wanted to say I have launched a new site that is community driven for game developers. This new site takes the approach that DotNetKicks and Digg use for submitting news and spreading it as much as possible. Sign up today and start submitting news stories about Game Development! Site is at GameDevKicks.com.
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