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    are the UN nothing but gangstas?

    That one was a joke, and this one is a joke.

    Iran Resumes Nuclear Tech

    I know?! Did you hear about that nuke hitting Fallujah the other day?! They estimate 300,000 dead!

    Iran Resumes Nuclear Tech

    Applying common sense, and the possibility of the Tehran giving a terrorist group the bomb to bring into the US mainland, perhaps that is why? The US is obviously not gonna do something idiotic like those fundamentalists...

    Can we realy let everyone live?

    Quote:Original post by twix Quote:Original post by POLSKASH And what reason is that twix? It's an insanely impractical and downright stupid idea. I thought that was pretty much implied. I was asking about the UN actually discussing the over population issue without the political BS. I wasn't asking why the UN hasn't discussed sterilizing the world.

    Can we realy let everyone live?

    And what reason is that twix? Although what he's saying is kinda far out there, there is an over population problem. People in Africa, India, and China can't seem to use their brain and STOP HAVING IRRESPONSIBLE SEX 24/7. The fact of the matter is, I don't want a cent of my tax money going to foreign aid to countries like that. It's not my fault they can't afford to have kids, but have them anyway.

    Iran Resumes Nuclear Tech

    Original post by anist Quote:Original post by Yann L forgive us/get paid. HAHA

    Iran Resumes Nuclear Tech

    So Iran resumed nuclear activities. Anyone with any common sense knows they're trying to make a bomb. Hopefully we are all in agreement on that. Now then... Before everyone on this forum starts blaming and bashing the Bush administration for whatever they do about this, what do you guys suggest be done? It's easy to bash, and it's pathetic to do so without providing an alternative.

    are the UN nothing but gangstas?

    The UN is a joke. They cannot accomplish anything militarily without the help of the US. All they do is talk and apply sanctions against countries that don't work... Kofi Annan is a corrupt bastard and we all know it.

    Dukes of Hazzard

    165?! I must be a screw-up.

    Bill Gates and a sense of humor

    Heh, that's great.

    Lack of interest in sports

    Lots of soccer fans. Glad to see that some are figuring out just how great a sport it is. It takes a lot of thinking and skill to play soccer well. I don't see how anyone who doesn't like soccer can live. ;)

    Lack of interest in sports

    Yeah, the comic effect you were trying to create was funny... Funny how people can call me a dumb, uneducated "colonial" and not see their rank plummet. If I were to even imply that someone on this forum was an idiot, my rank would be situated somewhere around the freezing point.


    Quote:Original post by Chokki The majority of Germans that I have talked to (ok, all that i have talked to personally, and most that i have ever heard their oppinions about this) don't care that we bombed the hell out of them during WWII, destroying museums and certainly plenty of civilians (iirc, i'm talking about dresden bombings) Again, same for the Japanese. It was a horrible thing, yes, but I have not met very many people that are Japanese or are of Japanese descent that care about it now. It was a different time then, its a different time now. Would any of you rise up in anger towards Germany for using chemical weapons during WW I, and the many casualties of that? Or how they pillaged Belgium on their way to fight France? Was it horrible? Yes. Are people still deeply upset about it? As more time goes on, the answer is more and more No. In 30 years, all the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be gone. Most of their children will be gone themselves. Once no one is directly effected by an event anymore, no one needs to care about it anymore, except to prevent it from happening again. I know many of you out there want to turn this into an Anti-American thread, but before you continue to do so, take into consideration that 90% of the generation of America that you are so deeply offended by is already gone. In summary, it was horrible, but it is over. Show reverance to the fallen (of both sides) and move on from there. Amen. show respect to men on both sides who fought bravely and gave up their lives, and move on.

    Amazing Card trick

    The two cards looking like one was my only other explanation, but he just does it so real-like that it makes you want to cry "bullshit".
  15. Just use sprintf() like the above said. I've had no problems so far using that.
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