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  1. 2-Dimensional Layer System

    Looks nice, but I'm not sure it helps. Does it have an implemented Layer system? Also, does anybody know exactly what "Bindings in <language>" mean?
  2. 2-Dimensional Layer System

    Does anybody know where I can find info about 2D layer systems( Or can anybody provide some info?) I'm going to start working on a game soon, but without a layer system it's useless. Layers would be for such things as: Walking through doors. Jumping up and landing on something else, and other things like that.(So I can make certain objects interactive, but not others.) I would really appreciate any help ^_^. I'll be using Java, if that helps.
  3. C++ Workshop - Introduction

    I would use VS, but my computer refuses to install Sevice Pack 2 for who knows what reason >_<
  4. Big Newb, I Need Lots of Help

    In the case of a private server, you couldn't make your own monsters...only put other ones wherever you want em,temporarily.
  5. Big Newb, I Need Lots of Help

    Can you download unreal map editor? I thought it only came with Ut2004. But..... he actually said "Unreal 2", so.....There's no trial version for that =D
  6. Big Newb, I Need Lots of Help

    Two things. 1. You won't be able to get the source code for Lineage 2 to edit it. I'm not sure quite how many laws that would break, and how difficult it would be. 2. I doubt that Lineage 2 uses the Unreal Engine, it's mainly for fps's. 3. It's quite illegal to download a $100,000+ commercial game engine....where you would download it I wouldn't even know... 4. You'd have to know c++, as this is the language [Lineage 2] is likely based on. In're out of luck.
  7. C++ Workshop - Introduction

    Bowflex fights back. Classic.
  8. C++ Workshop - Introduction

    I bought the book. Actually the best c++ book I've seen =D I'm looking forward to this.
  9. 2d Layers

    At the very least,does anybody know a program that can make a huge map bitmap? =D
  10. 2d Layers

    Am I hopeless?
  11. 2d Layers

    Does anybody know where I can find a tutorial about using layers in 2d.If possible, in relation to Java.
  12. 3D Java

    That's what I meant by 3D in concept. =)
  13. 3D Java

    Yeah. I was going to ask...what ARE Java bindings? =D
  14. 3D Java

    Ogre3D the game engine, right? Anybody got a link to that?
  15. Do i learn C or C++?

    ""Most people learn C++ first, or Java *shudder.* For starters, however, it might be best to start learning on something like Visual Basic or maybe C#, and THEN try C or C++. C/C++ are much more low-level, and require a lot of learning before you can actually start programming games"" C/C++ are more low-level? When did this happen.