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  1. Thank you very much,guys. It helped me a lot.
  2. Hi,I have a problem whose solution I think is easy, but I can't really come up with it: I have a list of vertices (I already know they CAN form a convex polygon). I need to form a convex polygon that comes from those vertices in clockwise order. Do you know any solution for this? I has not to be particularly fast
  3. Congratulations JollyJeffers for your new moderator job! Thanks Muhammand for the great job you have done!
  4. 999999999

    Help on ditributing apps

    Thank you very much. Now I know what to do about this; it is not so complicated after all.
  5. 999999999

    Help on ditributing apps

    So, if I distribute my game along with the right version of DirectX runtime installation executable, the user can install it and use my sofware? Let's suppose that I distribute my game with the runtime with d3dx9_24.dll. Will somebody who has already installed a runtime with d3dx9_27.dll be able to use my game? (I think yes). But will he/she be able to run again apps that make use of d3dx9_27.dll?
  6. 999999999

    Help on ditributing apps

    I noticed that if I run my program on a computer that has d3dx_26.dll installed and I developed it with d3dx_24.dll the program fails. But if I keep a copy of d3dx_24.dll in the program executable folder it runs fine. Can I do like this in my final release of the game?
  7. 999999999

    Results posted.

    Congratulations to everyone who has worked for the contest!
  8. 999999999

    shaders on sprites

    Thanks guys. I have found the way it works: you have to call ActivateShader() after sprite->Begin() and before sprite->Draw(). D3DXSPRITE_DONOTMODIFY_RENDERSTATE doesn't work. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am writing a directx engine and I would like to use ID3DXSprite to draw 2d images. My problem is: Can I use vertex/pixel shaders on sprites, for example, doesn't Direct3D draw sprites as textured quads? So, I have tried this but the shaders seem not to work: shaderMGR->ActivateShader(spriteShader); sprite->Draw(230,10); shaderMGR->DeactivateShader(); I thought Direct3D used ordinary draw primitive calls to draw texture quads, so why can't I use shaders just how I use them with my DrawPrimitive calls? Thanks,999999999
  10. 999999999

    Float to String in C++?

    in plain C you could do: char string[99]; sprintf(string,"%f",floatValue);
  11. on a card fully supporting hardware vertex processing, will mixed vertex processing decrease performance?
  12. 999999999

    Why Ignore GOTO

    but that breaks stops only the inside loop, right?
  13. 999999999

    Why Ignore GOTO

    I have never needed goto, but what about a situation like this: void func() { <............> for (int i = 0; i < x; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < y; j++) { if ((j+i)*sqrt(q)<i*(j+r)) goto after_for; } } after_for: <............> }
  14. 999999999

    DirectX Performance question

    Blank screen. GeForce6800Ultra: ~6000FPS (fullscreen) ~4000FPS (windowed) I don't remember with my GeForce4Ti4200, but I think it was around 1500.
  15. 999999999

    depth artifacts

    Doesn't really GeForce6200 support w-buffer?
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