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  1. What effects? http://sydlexia.com/imagesandstuff/snes100/snes17.png   I wouldn't expect too dramatic changes. I remember in 2003 or something, reading here about raytracers becoming the norm in 2012 and such. Well... unless I missed something last year... But if they can release such a system, there are some obvious improvements of course. Bigger numbers means bigger / more detailed textures, easier to allow advanced techniques such as realtime GI in combination with other heavy weights. More possibilities with multithreading / Compute Shaders, meaning even more techniques such as particles, cloth, fluid simulations, other physics or even certain AI routines moving over to the GPU. And... maybe doing more raytraced stuff as well. Though that would be a very fundamental change that I don't see happening quickly in the games-market.   Other than that, it's just guessing. Creativity of the programmers matters most of course. It's still amazing what kind of new smart tricks people come up with on existing already hardware. So who knows what happens. Games will get bigger and more immersive, that's for sure.   My worthless 50 cents :) Rick
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