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    TransparentBlt problem

    Not sure if this is related, but I had problems with AlphaBlend(), until I found that you had to #define the correct _WIN32_WINNT and WINVER versions (> 0x0500) for certain more advanced GDI functions to be included.
  2. ScootA

    Win a FREE copy of Alien Abduction

    Quote: Of course what makes it really pathetic <blah blah blah>... Shhhh... there's really no need for that
  3. ScootA

    Win a FREE copy of Alien Abduction

    Aren't windows hooks fun? I'll tell the postman to expect it...
  4. Ryu! but only after seeing Streetfighter Alpha the motion manga - which isn't half bad considering it's based on a computer game. [ed] can I get my name changed to just Ryu? No second name or anything...[/ed]
  5. ScootA

    A Game I'm Developing

    I'm thinking your main problem will be content creation "hundreds of unique monsters/weapons/etc" all need to be drawn/rendered/modelled and given attributes - which is where a great deal of time can be spent. That said, it looks like you've got quite a neat little game there - and the graphics could always be upgraded later on to a more diablo-reminiscent quality if you so wished...
  6. What API are you using? In DirectX9, you would use SetRenderState() and set the D3DRS_CLIPPING render state to false to disable clipping.
  7. ScootA

    Attempting the near impossible! MRPG

    Well I partly agree with smr, because I love looking at other people's WIP - it gives an insight into the process. I do, on the other hand, realise that some people can be judgemental of less polished WIP, and people may think that it can be detrimental to the percieved quality of their project - especially when looking to recruit talent. Overall, I was trying to get my point across without being misconstrued as flaming.
  8. ScootA

    itoa (_itoa_s) analog for float ?

    Erm, if I understand correctly, which I might not: GLfloat arr[3] = {0,0,0}; glGetFloatv(GL_CURRENT_COLOR,arr); char nString[128]; sprintf(nString, "%f,%f,%f", arr[0],arr[1],arr[2]); //***or*** CString nString; nString.Format("%f,%f,%f", arr[0],arr[1],arr[2]); //Then pass nString.GetString() into your text drawing function...
  9. ScootA

    Attempting the near impossible! MRPG

    Personally I would have considered postponing the announcement of your project for say, six months until you have some content to whet the appetites of those on these forums. This is in no way a criticism - i'm sure that you have some very promising content in-house, and I can understand you not wanting to show half-finished work in an environment such as this. I simply feel that you may have diluted your final presentation slightly by spreading the impact of your project. One thing is certain though: Screenshots are really the best way of bringing across the style and technical accomplishment of your team, even though in the grand scheme of things eye-candy does not rate highest in terms of important goals (getting a solid working engine is far more important than fancy particle-effects). They do however say that a picture speaks a thousand words... Keep up the good work.
  10. ScootA

    Games with Movie-like Swordplay

    I think that an old game, "Die by the Sword" deserves a mention here: The combat system tried to get closer to movie-style combat by eschewing pre-programmed strikes for direct mouse-control over your sword/weapon arm(s). I imagine if you practised for hundreds of hours you could get pretty good with the system, but it was incredibly difficult with the input device (mouse). I think in order to get really impressive, random fighting sequences we will need a more intuitive input device, such as a VR glove.
  11. ScootA


    Quote:Original post by ricekrispyw And how much of boost do I need? The entire monstrosity? From the introduction: Quote: It requires boost 1.30.0 to be installed (only boost headers). I'd hazard that you need only the headers.
  12. I'm not 100% sure if the OP's question has been fully answered, so i'll throw this in: Certain events will cause your device to be placed into a "lost" state. In standard C++ you can (and should) check for this by, for example, checking the return value of d3dDevice::Present() - it will return "D3DERR_DEVICELOST". Reasons for this can include a fullscreen application losing focus (e.g. when you swap to another process by alt+tabbing). The solution to this is to call the d3dDevice::Reset() function. This is both simple and tricky, as to succesfully accomplish the call you will need to call Release() on all resources stored in certain memory pools (e.g. resources created with the D3DPOOL_MANAGED do not need to be released) before the call to Reset(). These resources will then of course need to be remade afterwards, which is why a resolution change for example can take quite a long time on certain systems. A neat way to accomplish this semi-automatically is to have all device-dependant resources inherit from a base-class, call it for example d3dDeviceDependantObject. Keep a link-list of all objects of this type, and on a device reset you can call two overloaded functions, say ddRelease() and ddReset() before and after the Reset() call. Now you can overload these functions to perform the actual releasing and rebuilding of child-classes, and your system will sort out things like resolution changes and fullscreen-window problems basically by itself. That got longer than I intended, but hope it helps...
  13. ScootA

    Quick Normal Question

    You should multiply the normals by the transformation, without the translation component. You can do this by setting (assuming D3D-style matrix orientation) matrix components 41,42 and 43 to zero, or by casting to a 3x3 matrix by some method (eg in HLSL).
  14. ScootA

    This puts everyone here to shame...

    Maybe they comment a lot?
  15. ScootA

    This puts everyone here to shame...

    Quote: pwnage: Sqrt[a*x^3+b*x^2+c*x+d] And this was real problem from real world(TM) ! I seen some longer ones, too. I.e. something like that: Sqrt[a*x^4+x^3+x^2+x+1] . Of course to really PWN it, one must find some integral it can't do, and he can. I put yours in with ^2 at the end. After about 5 mins it simply says "done" - with no result... I think I broke it :(
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