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  1. shadowcomplex

    TrackMania Wii Teaser Trailer

    Nice! I'm not a huge racing game person, but it looked pretty damn cool. Especially the track builder...I could do that for a long time...
  2. shadowcomplex

    A gentle intro to Epoch

    Very helpful, thanks. This kind of write up is all I needed to push myself into toying around with it (as I pretend to have more time than I really have.) Downloaded and will post back if I: (a) make something cool. or (b) make something explode.
  3. shadowcomplex

    Sweet Legitimation & Space Trader Portraits

    Congrats and best of luck on your new corporate destiny. Power to the indies! Are you planning on writing about the business side of your start-up or planning on focusing mostly on the game development side? As an aside, your gas lamp logo reminded me a lot of my former employer's logo. Not that it's a big deal, but thought you might want to know.
  4. shadowcomplex

    Constant Velocity along a Vector?

    Sounds like a variable isn't getting reset on the new input when the finish condition isn't previously met. My guess would be: ship[0].move.distance.track If that's the case just set it to 0 when you receive a new input and need to recalculate your velocity etc. How's life in Austin these days?
  5. shadowcomplex

    Constant Velocity along a Vector?

    Given: Point Start Point Target Number Speed Find: Vector Velocity Number Distance Velocity.x = Target.x - Start.x Velocity.y = Target.y - Start.y Distance = Velocity.Length() //cache distance before normalizing Velocity.Normalize() Velocity *= Speed //Scalar multiply In your update: Pos.x += Velocity.x * deltaTime Pos.y += Velocity.y * deltaTime TrackDistance += Velocity.Length() * deltaTime //Check if we reached or passed our target if( TrackDistance >= Distance ) { Pos = Target Velocity.Zero() TrackDistance = 0 } The deltaTime is needed if you aren't running on a frame based or fixed time step system. (Edit: I see you are already using a dt system, so this note is just repeating the obvious :)
  6. shadowcomplex

    Busy, Busy... So Busy!

    Quote:Original post by EDI Finishing up Selenite 1.0 We used Selenite very effectively to develop STATIC: Investigator Training ... which by the way has some very fun statistics: Congrats on getting another game out the door. I'm interested in how large the market is for this type of game and how well you were able to reach it :) Quote:Original post by EDI That all being done, it is time to finish off Selenite 1.0, get it all glossed up and start getting early adopters playing with it. We're hoping to start selling development licenses early 2010 haven't figured out the price yet; but it is largely assumed that if you won't be selling games with it; you wont have to pay for it. I'll be interested in seeing what your tool chain can do and how quickly it can be done. FWIW, you've got some stiff competition with Adventure Game Studio and Unity releasing the indie license (less than $100k in revenue annually) for free. If you can get the web deployment along with the iPhone/XBLA/whatever implemented and offer a reasonably priced universal platform license, you'd have the advantage on Unity in that aspect. I don't envy the challenges you'll face! Quote:Original post by EDI The motivation here is to allow most of our games to have instant web demos; no downloading a demo to evaluate the game, but in addition to that we'll be offering some smaller, free to play casual games based on existing IP and perhaps some new IP; if we can find the right folks they'll be Ad supported; and users can choose to purchase offline versions for very cheap (think 1.99) You might consider micro-transactions as well for your web based stuff (a good direction in general.) It has become a viable business path. If you really get into the web space, you might also look at a model like Blurst, where a $20 for 6 month subscription gets you the download versions of all their web games. Quote:Original post by EDI Facebook integration is another big thing on our to-do list; sharing achievements and whatnot with your friends. and users can choose to purchase offline versions for very cheap (think 1.99) Best marketing tool for DD games at the moment! We've seen lots of upswings on DD games that came out with a FB game post-launch. It's a very viable advertising/up-sell model. Looking forward to seeing what you come out with in 2010!
  7. shadowcomplex


    Codewarrior + wii development shaved years off my life. I hate CW (well, really anything Metrowerks) with a passion.
  8. shadowcomplex

    ATmega168 Tetris

    That is fantastic -- the game looks brilliant in motion! Looking forward to seeing you continue progress on this.
  9. shadowcomplex

    Family Fun Football

    Yay Seamless!
  10. shadowcomplex

    Cogwheel beta 3

    Unfortunately I don't have any other bright ideas, but I can confirm what you suspect has been a problem for me. I had written several tools in C# and never had a problem with them on XP or Vista. However, the last game I was contracted on, one of the artists was using 64 bit Vista and the tools all exploded with bizarre (read: cryptic) errors. After trying numerous things, I changed the build settings explicitly to x86 and the problems went away.
  11. shadowcomplex

    Prototype Spell: Orbit Shield

    Hey EDI! It's been nice to read about your progress on MW2. A lot of things already look superior compared to the original. The orbit spell conceptually is great -- who doesn't want a big vortex of debring protecting them from things that go bump in the night?? :D The video was a bit dark for me, however, one aspect really stood out as unnatural. The orbiting paths of the debris weren't constantly smooth -- often they looked to follow a polygon shape around the character and sometimes even coming to dead points before making hard course changes. Perhaps this has to with the time step you mentioned? If not, I'd consider smoothing it out to be more circular/elliptical -- it currently breaks immersion. From a gameplay standpoint: when the debris collide with something (say the environment or a nasty creature) will they go richocheting out of orbit? Or correct the path after reflection? Maybe this was apparent in the video, but I couldn't tell and am curious how you plan on handling that. It seems to me like a critical balancing point for the spell :) Keep on showing off progress!!
  12. shadowcomplex

    Links: Beta Testing

    Wow, didn't know you were behind "To the World Tree" -- unfortunately I was a contributor to the silence you received. I thought it was a great demo but didn't have much feedback at the time. Sorry for that in hindsight :( Before I offer my advice, two concessions: (1) I've never released an indie RPG -- but I have released indie games and a mainstream RPG :) (2) I've not made near the bucks that Amanda or Jeff have made, and thus don't have as much data to support my claims :) With that out of the way... Do it in two phases. Keep the first phase tight, very tight. Around 10 players max. You'll need quality testers that will finish the whole game; hopefully multiple times. On this scale, the data you will get won't be overwhelming and will help find scripting errors, major gameplay bugs, and other application crippling issues. It is hard to find 10 really good testers like this at random; I would suggest paying a small QA company or individuals for this service -- it may save you much more in the long run. The second phase is the shotgun period. This is where you take on a much larger pool of testers (where it will be difficult to manage all of the incoming data as a single person) and you will find a lot of the outlier bugs: resolution incompatibilities, hardware issues on ancient or esoteric or even fairly common machines, and you will also get flooded with more minor bugs -- which you can elect to fix or not fix based on the time you have. For a large scale game like an RPG that is more or less very much open ended in how you choose to play the game and progress, I have found this approach lends the best results. Whatever approach you take, I hope it works out for you! There's nothing better than a good indie RPG and that market has expanded immensely in the last few years. I'll also throw in my hat as a beta tester if you need one :) G'luck!!
  13. shadowcomplex

    I'm Viral!

    One thing I found annoying (design, not a bug though): backspace/delete doesn't clear an entry you make. For example, if I assign 'X' to the crypt letter 'L' I can only change that X to other letters instead of clearing it. Which for me, makes it harder to visualize the whole board rapidly. I'll try it on facebook shortly. I think the idea is really clever, nice. Edit: Tried it on facebook and worked flawlessly. I dig it.
  14. shadowcomplex

    Non-development Entry

    I'd hand the keys to my friend and tell him/her to take the old lady to the hospital. Then my dream woman and I would talk the night away under the brilliant lightning. :)
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