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  1. Calin

    directx for simple graphics

    I understand I only need to work with dx12 since it`s the latest, but on the other hand you`re telling me I should learn dx11 as well/first. Is there a source where I can learn `modern computer generated graphics` that makes abstraction of directx versions (I know raytracing is also CGG I`m talking only about rasterization here). 
  2. Calin

    directx for simple graphics

    I am wandering what additions do recent versions of directx bring compared to older versions (8,9). I`ve done things with directx 9 so I was wandering where do I start with directx 10 and higher 
  3. I want to make a somewhat complex game but with simple graphics (2d or 3d), everything you hear nowadays is physically based rendering so I was wandering where do I stand in relation to directx 10/11/12 (I want to use a modern api not just directx 8,9)? thanks for input
  4. It`s really a question of balance. I personally don`t eat cows and swine because I consider them intelligent I do eat birds and sea creatures because I don`t consider them that smart (at least that`s my excuse).
  5. Calin

    SpaceX !

    Is that on fast forward, it seems like the rocket is approaching the landing site too fast. Also wander why are they attempting to land in the middle of the ocean, one might think it`s easier to land in the middle of a desert or something 
  6. Calin

    Your Death Song

     zero cult 500 seconds  
  7. Calin

    What C# Library/Framework to make games

    hi level APIs: Unity, Ogre(mogre),Irrlicht (lime) low level APIs: SlimDX
  8. Calin

    Need help choosing a language

      If you`re interested in game design (game logic, AI, hi level programming in general) learn c#, it will get you there faster.  However game design jobs are rare so If you`re interested in getting a job as a programmer, c++ is required. 
  9. Calin

    custom debugging

    Thanks jacmoe
  10. is there a way to catch debug messages outside visual studio IDE?  
  11.   Total war games are probably the most known for combining RTS with TBS
  12. Calin

    Values/morals in games

    That`s just one way of saying it, another way of calling it is that movies and books, like games, are a simulation of reality. There are simulations for different ages: ranging from children to adults. Simulations for adults include violence be it games, books or movies.   
  13. Calin

    What Are You Working On

    I`m not home so this is the only screenshot I could find:                
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