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  1. supercoder74

    Alphabet Game

    saddles edit: it made more sense.
  2. supercoder74

    Programming Languages as Religion

    What about C#?
  3. supercoder74

    I want to make an Interactive

    To start in game development, you will want to start on much easier things to learn from; start with simple text based programs, move your way up to simple 2 dimensional games, and onto more difficult projects. For more information, refer to here.
  4. supercoder74

    Facts about John Carmack

    Quote:Original post by spartanx Quote:Original post by born2die - Carmack can divide by zero. Holy crap! I want a fanboy t-shirt with that slogan on it! [smile] That actually sounds like a good idea
  5. supercoder74

    Google Pages

    Why not? All you need is images, text, etc Its not going to cost anything, its google.
  6. supercoder74

    Is My T.V Ready For High Definition Gaming?

    You don't need a HD tuner to play xbox games in HD. All a HD tuner does is take signals from an outside source, be it satellite, cable, or anything, and transfer it to the component cables(the three video cables). HDTV means exactly that; it has higher video information per frame. The video is transfered through the component cables. You cannot get HD through composite cables(red, white, yellow); you use the component cables for HD.
  7. supercoder74

    apache + php = DISASTER

    I third XAMPP. Only way that I got MySQL to work properly.
  8. supercoder74

    Tourettes Syndrome

    Quote:Original post by dustamulet Quote:Original post by agi_shi Quote:Original post by Salsa I have a weird thing, where like if I tense up a certain muscle on one side of my body, I feel like I have to on the other side. So if I squeeze/flex my left trap, I'll probably do it on the right hand side just so it's "even". Note, this doesn't really apply if like I scratch or touch one side of my body, or basically interact with it. For instance, if I were to scratch my cheek (face, or ass) I wouldn't feel the need to do it on the other side. It's really just on a muscular basis. Same thing here. Do something with my left arm, get my muscle tensed up and then I feel like I just MUST "equal" it out with the right arm. If I am on the spot and turn 360 degrees, I feel I have to 'equal it out', and eventually turn back the other way 360 degrees. I imagine it like a piece of string is coming from my 'initial look direction' to my chest, and it wraps around me when I turn. Its really bad because it's all I can think about when I know I have turned around, and I try to make it discreet with lots of people around. EDIT: Oh yeah it's really annoying when I play a game of football too... I have these strange things that happen on a psycological level, in addition to physical. Once, I was playing Splinter Cell when I was crouching for an extended period of time(in the game) and I lost the level not because I was found accidentally, but because I thought "he" had to "strech" and I stood up(in the game). Also, I was playing Sims 2 and I spent too much time on one character, so I felt inclined to spend the rest of the playing time "evening out the time spent on the characters."
  9. supercoder74

    People who ban tag and dodgeball suck.

    Quote:Original post by BerwynIrish Quote:Original post by coldacid Banning games like tag or dodgeball only serve to further fatten up we liberal kind like the cattle we are becoming each and every day. It leads me to anticipate, nay, hope for, the next time the cattle humans are brought to slaughter by terrorists or other forces which maintain the will to power which until the rise of liberalism drove the human race towards success. Raising a child is the parents' responsibility. If you feel that your kid isn't getting the requisite toughening up during school hours, nobody is stopping you from finding the appropriate activities for your child after school hours. I would think this would be good news for Social Darwinist-leaning parents - let the other namby pamby parents mollycoddle their youngsters while you instill your flesh and blood of the next generation with the traits necessary for survival in the real world. Your progeny will flourish for generations while "liberalism" will wither and die out. Wouldn't accelerating the process only lead to a stronger nation? A stronger humanity? But schools are supposed to teach kids things and get them ready for society! I agree with the topic poster; schools should teach kids things that gets them ready for a competitive society. Reading that reminded me of an idea I thought of: "I can't learn numbers! That is against my religon! Numbers are the devil!" Did I mention how this ban on one of the least violent games ever is horribly, horribly stupid?
  10. Am I the only one who finds a connection between the date 9/11 and the police calling code 911? It's the underpants gnomes fault!
  11. supercoder74

    Holy crap! It's caturday (already!)

    Kittens galore. [Edited by - supercoder74 on October 16, 2006 11:41:38 PM]
  12. supercoder74

    is it a crime?

    Quote:Original post by thundergunslinger Supposedly, thought crimes don't exist in the USA. Supposedly.
  13. supercoder74

    There is God!

    The answer to both: Celery.
  14. supercoder74

    Guilty feelings got no rhythm?

    Quote:Original post by Drakkcon Posts Like cinquains My eyes weep Why write like this? Stop. QFE
  15. supercoder74

    Proof that God exists, and that he rules

    Damnit, I expected some mathematical insanity.
  16. supercoder74

    Has this ever happened to you? (AKA proof that I am insane)

    This points to one thing: underpants gnomes.
  17. supercoder74


    I, for one, welcome our Tree-killing Lumberjack overlords. I shall summerize: Trees vanished, lumberjacks murdered them. He did not see lumberjacks, so they must be in the night. Why would they kill harmless trees? They have a need to murder. Therefore, they are but one thing: Vampires. Vampires are undead. Therefore, lumberjacks are zombies.
  18. supercoder74

    Texan: Let's ban Fahrenheit 451

    Oh the irony! Maybe they can throw it in the fire with the harry potter books. In response to the first time I heard this, *takes in big gasp of air* No, no no no no no no no no no. No no no no NO no no no no. No.
  19. supercoder74

    South Park

    Haha, I saw that. Funniest one yet.
  20. supercoder74

    Giant insects found wandering Germany

    I, for one, welcome our new giant insect overlord.
  21. supercoder74

    Good games for a LAN?

    Civilation 2, Quake 1 and 2, GTA 2.
  22. supercoder74

    I Hate Salsa

    Quote:Original post by Nokturnal The first thing that came to me was he refused to do your logo or something O_O Exactly what I was thinking.
  23. supercoder74

    Photoshopped movie posters

    Quote:Original post by Rob Loach That movie DID have an uncanny resemblence to Monkey Island.
  24. supercoder74

    Your favorite old PC game

    Half life, Civ 2, Incredible machine, MULE.
  25. supercoder74

    Yarrr, Piratespeak

    Arrrg! Ahoy, ye mateys!
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