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  1. Stani R

    Improved Alpha Magnification

    Cool looking "a" :) Not like I have much to show so far, but my goal has always been OpenGL 2.0 support as baseline. No point in wasting time on workarounds and alternative paths when I can spend that time on game code. A one man army is always on a tight schedule. Then again, by the time I'm done, we'll be five years or more into OpenGL 3.0 already...
  2. Stani R

    IBL: Incredibly Bad Luck (tm)

    Well, I almost believed it, even if the part with chasing thieves into the woods sounded fishy. Nice one.
  3. It's something we can relate to. But you forgot the dimwits who are getting ON the train without first letting people get OFF the train, or who stand right before the door instead of on the side, where they should be. There's always one of those whenever I commute.
  4. Stani R

    Space Pirates of the Karrebeon

    The mothership idea is very good. Actually it sounds very similar to the mothership in Star Wolves, although that probably wasn't the first game to do it, and is also something I plan to implement in my own game further down the road. Will the mothership's equipment be upgradeable? It could play some limited fire-support role in combat. The reactor rating has even been done in EVE Online and works quite nicely as a constraint, although they also had an additional constraint via CPU processing power.
  5. Stani R


    It's already the 28th over here so... happy birthday. Looking forward to playing Novarunner. [grin]
  6. Stani R

    Software Engineering & The MiniMORPG

    Very nice analogy indeed. The rope bridge also helps when working alone - a working prototype is great motivation and a testing platform to experiment on.
  7. Stani R

    Holy Crap!

    The fun part is moving things around and then realizing it was all better the way it was before... thank god for automatic refactoring.
  8. Stani R

    Abstracted engine design FTW!

    The irc box idea for singleplayer games is pretty cool. Mind if I steal it? :-D
  9. Stani R

    Space station and MT11 update

    Very amazing. If you guys can texture this, then you surely won't really have problems with the battleships - how many textures did this thing take? The scale is gigantic. Wow. And it even has landing pads :D Are the arms sticking out on the bottom half for connecting to capital ships? I'd argue that the interior is a bit too colorful. Do you really need five+ different color of neon lights inside? Imho it looks abit like something from a cartoon. I'm not sure that's what you are aiming for?
  10. Stani R

    Ships comparison, persp. sheet

    Quote:Original post by Ysaneya Another solution would be to use tiled textures but it's then becoming pretty hard to add non-generic details to it. And i'm not sure if an hybrid solution (some triangles skinned, some triangles tiled) is possible.. Would an approach where you tile one texture over all triangles and then skin all triangles with another be feasible? I imagine most of the battleship's hull is something like sheets of metal (armor plating), with the occasional access hatch and welding (and glass and hangar doors, but those are probably separate objects?).
  11. Stani R

    Ships comparison, persp. sheet

    I'm going to avoid corny jokes about the church. Didn't realize this was going to be a religious game though? Very impressive, though it will be even more so when the textures are done. The battleship looks kind of like a blimp. Is this the same model that was the base in the prototype?
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