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  1. blanky

    Great Guitarist Lists

    Armik, he plays great flamenco music on the guitar.
  2. blanky

    bad programming day

    It's not weird, the thing is that you're explaining the situation, like others have mentioned. When you make a post you have to be sure to be extremely specific so that other people are able to understand what you're talking about and therefore help you. After you type out every single little thing that is happening, and you see it in text, you are able to analyze the situation from various perspectives, scrutinizing each and every detail. The reason you probably couldn't have don't this before was because you kept blanking out or couldn't grasp every single detail and paint the big picture in your mind. After you do this, you see the whole picture and are able to easily solve the problem.
  3. blanky

    Linux? Open source?

    Try that, if it doesn't work, then do something like regsvr32 thenameofthedll.dll, I think...
  4. blanky

    irrlitch vs. torque

    I think you should try out Irrlicht, after all, it's free, and if you're right about this 'easy cheat' thing then it's even better. If you don't like it, then try Torque, though it costs money and if you really are new to all of this it might be a good investment at a bad time (== bad investment :) ). Keep in mind there are other engines out there too. As for the easy cheating, I don't think that the scripting will be like that, I mean, I think you can expose to the scripts what you want to expose and nothing more, so you don't have to worry about them editing their playerhealth value or something, unless you explicitly exposed it yourself, at least that's how I think it should be.
  5. blanky

    this considered allright?

    Yep, it's fine. You can create games in almost any language, it doesn't have to be C/C++, as long as you're comfortable in it, it's fine. As for speed, you shouldn't really worry. You can use anything .Net with VB.Net, like MDX or XNA. If you like, look into C#, that's what I really like, and it's a little more C++-like than VB.Net.
  6. blanky

    What OS should I learn C++ on?

    By the way, there are macros for Visual Studio paths. I don't really remember them but I've made use of them myself, such as $(ProjectDir) or something, there are many, look them up, you'll be surprised.
  7. blanky

    What OS should I learn C++ on?

    I think you guys are looking too far ahead, I mean, he's barely going to be learning C++. You should understand that by the point he gets to whatever it is in question he'll be better suited with the knowledge to accomplish a task. Although I'm a windows user, I think that linux integrates development a lot better, especially for beginners. I mean, like someone said, you just install a library and you can use it automatically. In windows you have to set a couple paths and mess around with many weird things. Of course it becomes different, when you get further into C++ you'll probably use something like Make or SCons, which will take some learning. I also personally see it hard to manage big source trees, so I typically do my editing in Visual Studio on Windows, but I'm getting ahead as well. Basically, either OS is okay for learning. On Windows you have the great Visual Studio IDE with intellisense that could make programming easier (Or spoil you), although Linux also has it's good IDEs like Anjuta and KDevelop (There's many more for either OS, I'm just naming a few). In my opinion, using external/third party libraries and stuff is a lot easier in Linux as it just requires you to install it and use the -l switch on gcc/g++. Including headers is also extremely simple, you just install the library. On windows you have to set a couple paths and what not. Also, in the beginning all you'll be doing is console/terminal applications, not GUIs (Windows and stuff), and everyone will admit that Linux is a lot more sexier in that aspect, and you'll learn a few terminal things which will help for later on. If you do terminal applications in windows it might make you feel impatient and you might end up skipping some things to try and get to GUI programming as fast as you can. Just know this, whichever OS you choose to learn on, it'll definitely make you a LOT smarter in that OS. So if you choose Linux, you'll learn way more about Linux and you'll probably be so used to it you'll end up becoming a Linux user, and vice versa. I personally don't stick to one OS, I typically do windows but I have no trouble with transitions. If you choose Linux and you can't get the hang of it or it's driving you crazy, then do Windows, and vice versa. Hope this helped.
  8. blanky

    blaster worm question

    I always 'fixed' this by doing shutdown.exe -a either from the Start > Run or the command prompt. This automatically removed the message and prevented it from popping up, then I'd install the fixes/patches and I was good to go :)
  9. This is just a thought, but maybe you can use Gtk# for the Non-Windows OSes, or if you like, for the whole thing. Here's a page on Gtk# in the mono wiki, it's pretty detailed: However, Quote: At this point, running Gtk# applications on MacOS requires the user to run the X11 server. If you really want to take this far, you can even do it specifically for each platform. On Windows, use WinForms, other *nix oses, use Gtk#, and on Mac you can use Cocoa#, Oh, you're using Vb.Net? I think most examples are in C# but it should be easy to translate, and there's always things like these, but don't trust them all the time :)
  10. blanky

    WCHAR to const char*

    Not to mention, if you would like to use ASCII instead of a wide character set, check out the project properties and in Character Set choose 'Not Set', but this will also work.
  11. Sorry for double posting AND reviving an old post, but may I suggest Auto Package for the linux side of things? [Edited by - blanky on January 13, 2007 10:20:28 PM]
  12. Subversion source control comes out of the box with other versions? I looked at this and it doesn't look like it, am I missing something?
  13. blanky


    You'll want to right click on the directory who's contents you'd like to put on your svn repository, then do SVN (Whatever) > Import. Type in the URL of your repository, and it'll upload the contents of that folder. I suggest you make folders trunk/, tags/, and branches/, and upload your stuff into trunk/, but not really sure. You should read the (Or part of) Svn Book.
  14. blanky

    Setting up VC++ EE 2005(SOLVED)

    Right click on the project, then go to the settings, it should be something like Character Set, change it from Unicode or whatever to 'Not Set'.
  15. blanky

    Setting up VC++ EE 2005(SOLVED)

    Dude, crazyfool, you frickin live in Diamond Bar?! Me too! I live right behind ralph's, you go to DBHS?
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