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  1. When I first visited your website, there were two things impress me a lot: your layout and the software you choose to use. However, I was very dissapointed when I tried to register on your website. The verify image was not displaying at all which made it impossible to register.
  2. DinGY

    Interesting about - -x

    int main() { int x = 100; x = --x + --x + --x + --x; printf("%d", x); return 0; } It output: 389 As you guy explained, it suppose to be x = 96 + 96 + 96 + 96 because it decrease 4 times. However 96 + 96 + 96 + 96 = 384. I found out that x = 100 x = --x + --x = (99 + 98 - 1) x = 100 x = --x + --x + --x = (99 + 98 + 97 - 1) x = 100 x = --x + --x + --x + --x = (99 + 98 + 97 + 96 - 1)
  3. DinGY

    Interesting about - -x

    I think I get you guy mean now. Thanks you
  4. int main() { int x = 100; printf("%d %d %d",--x, --x, --x); return 0; } Its output 97 98 99 Isn't it suppose to display 99 98 97? Another thing: int main() { int x = 100; x = --x + --x; printf("%d", x); return 0; } Its output 196 Isn't 99 + 98 = 197? Any explaination?
  5. DinGY

    Help developping Fighting game

    If you think you understand C++ pretty well, I strongly suggest that you should pick up one good 2D engine and start to make your game. The good things to use 2D engine are the development speed and good for beginner programmer(because it help you to focus more on game rather than a lot new stuff to learn in order to make 2D game).
  6. DinGY

    Lounge Mini Game! (part2)

    The answer is Second Plane. ------------------------------------------------- WHICH IS HEAVIER? Which is heavier, a pround of feathers or a proud of gold?
  7. DinGY

    Marker World - physics game

    I got these errors when I tried to run: Device not capable of creating the neccessary texture format Unable to create Direct3D device due to hardware limitations Creating Direct3D device failed! Exiting
  8. I think reinterpret_cast use for cast pointer types. And others are for normal types. I'm not so sure.
  9. DinGY

    Error in Compile

    What are the error messages?
  10. After finished 2D graphic board game, I decided to move to something little more complex than it. Now I have finally made up my mind; I want to create 2D Space Shooting game-like. However, before I get my hand into it, I want to make sure I will do it the right way. So I make a few algorithms and I want to see your comments from you guy. Bullets: I make player spaceship bullets into 50 elements array. Each bullet contains x,y,dx,dy,active. Where x,y are the current possition; dx,dy are the direction of the bullet will go; active is for telling whether the bullet is off the screen or not. Whenever player shoot, we will run through 50 of bullets, check which one is in-active, and use it. (Do you think it is good way to do it?)
  11. DinGY

    Lounge Mini Game! (part2)

    Of course, it is right. ---------------------------------- Airplace Race Two planes take off at the same moment to race to a certain point and back. The first plane makes 180miles an hour on the way out and 240miles an hour on the return trip. The second plane makes the entire round trip at an average speed of 210miles an hour. Which plane won the race, or was it a tie
  12. DinGY

    Hard for you to understand

    I haven't used VB6 for long time, but I could tell you that passing ByVal mean you pass your variable by its value to the function. ByRef mean you pass your variable by its address not by its value. For example: Function Test(ByVal A) A = 10 End Function Function Test1(ByRef A) A = 10 End Function Sub Form_Load() Dim Result As Integer Result = 5 Test(Result) MsgBox(Result) Test1(Result) MsgBox(Result) End Sub The first message box will display "5" The second message box will display "10" Sorry for my dreadful english but I hope you understand what I mean. and sorry if there is any mistake in my code because I haven't for programming in VB6 for ages.
  13. DinGY

    Dating Ages

    Why should we care about age dating formula? As long as, we think it is suitable to date then go ahead and date. Instead of using that formula, I come up with my formular: Min Age: AGE - (AGE/5) Max Age: AGE + (AGE/5) AGE refer to your age.
  14. DinGY

    Lounge Mini Game! (part2)

    His frined was a lady, not a man, and her name was Anne. ----------------------------------------- The Four Puzzle What number, when divided by 4, gives the same result as when 4 is substracted from it.
  15. unsigned int i = 1 (0000000 0000000 0000000 0000001) int i = 1 (is the binary code still the same as above?) int i = -1 (how about this one? what is it binary code look like) Sorry to ask this but I am very curious about this one.
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