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    How soon is too soon

    Thanks for the feedback! Now, I have one follow up question. As far as the standard hiring cycle goes, how long should I wait for a response? And how long should I wait without a response before I e-mail/phone them asking the status? Last summer I applied for some internships, but I think since I was just at the right place at the right time I got a response the next day, I have a feeling this is far from typical. Thank you.
  2. JohnnyCasil

    How soon is too soon

    I am a senior in a Computer Science program that will graduate this May. Along with many of my fellow students, I have begun the job hunt, which got me to thinking. Within the games industry, how soon is too soon for a college graduate to start sending out resumes? I would assume that since most companies needs are particular to a certain time, they wouldn't bother waiting three and a half months for a college graduate. Is this a misconception? Thank you.
  3. JohnnyCasil

    I hope I don't mess this up!

    Thanks for the reply! Luckily I am a pretty good test taker. I'm just happy to have made it this far, and regardless of the outcome, I still consider it quite the confidence booster that I made it to this point.
  4. JohnnyCasil

    I hope I don't mess this up!

    Long time no see. Well, I've been pretty much defunct from the GameDev scene as the result of College and that dreaded place known as Reality. But summer is coming up, and hopefully I will have some more time to devout to GameDev. During my free time I have been working on an idea for a game that I am pretty excited about, but I want to flesh out the idea more before I set it loose on the internet. What I am most excited about is tomorrow I have a programing test for a summer internship at a Game Developer. I'm really excited about it, because I honestly didn't think I would get past them reading my resume, but here I am. I'm also pretty nervous about it because, well, I honestly don't want to mess this up! I'm pretty confident that if I actually get there to interview, I can get the job, because I like to think I am sociable person that is easy to get along with. So, wish me luck, and if any of you wise guru's out there have any tips for me, it would greatly be appreciated.
  5. The best way to terminate a thread is by returning from the thread function you pass into _beginthread. Your call to _endthread at the end of your thread function is redundant, because it will be called when the thread returns from that function anyways.
  6. From my understand the above isn't a hack, it's pretty much the standard way to do it, but then again, maybe the standard way to do it is a hack? =P But about your second question, if you have dynamic textures you need to reload, what I do is assign them a random file name, and just dump them to a file before I do anything that requires destroying the context, than just reload them after the context has been reset. Obviously you then delete all those temp files. It's simple, and it works.
  7. JohnnyCasil

    Texture dimensions

    Just pack all your non-power-of-two textures into a single large texture and use texture coordinates to access them. There will be no stretching and you can cut down on wasted space. It will also save you on some texture switching. If you really want to get advanced with it, google Texture Atlas.
  8. JohnnyCasil

    ini reader (c++, any platform)

    You can also cut down the code by properly using std::string, std::stringstream, std::map and some structures. Like was said before, this is C with classes, not C++.
  9. JohnnyCasil

    Windows GUI API

    Quote:Original post by The C modest god Is it possible to somehow run a dialog as the programs main window? or have the program main window display a dialog inside it? Yes, I do it all the time.
  10. JohnnyCasil

    Making new files c++

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Quote:Original post by MaulingMonkey Which is, among other reasons, the reason read() and write() are uncovered - so you can send the exact binary you want without any formating. Further, the operator chaining mechanism Sometimes you want to write in ascii, so how would writing in binary then help :) Quote: does not in any way interfere with choosing the exact type you want. In fact, quite the opposite - if you realize in retrospect that you've been using the wrong type all along, it's trivial with the operator chaining mechanism to fix the problem, so I'm having a hard time understanding how that's supposed to be a counterpoint. If if if and if, and some maybes, all I tried to say is that it's not a silver bullet. What you are saying, is not the only truth, it DEPENDS. Just one example where you want exactly one type of output: think about a situation where you exchange data between two programs via files. Some of us get to choose what compiler they use, are you saying we should still obey your principles then too? You arguments don't make any sense. Using C++ file streams you can write in ascii mode using the stream insertion operators. C++ wins again. Also, what is stopping you from using C++ file streams when using a file communicating between files. Nothing is. This is all about using the right tool for the right job, and if you are programming in C++, the right tool is the C++ standard library, not the C one.
  11. JohnnyCasil


    MESA is a software implementation of OpenGL. SDL + OpenGL runs using the hardware. The only difference is SDL+OpenGL is going to be significantly faster.
  12. JohnnyCasil

    Making new files c++

    Quote:Original post by medevilenemy It is usually best to stick with the Standard C Library functions instead of the C++ libraries whever possible. There are many reasons for this, but they are irrelevent for this thread. If you are coding in C++, it's best to use the C++ standard library, not the C one. What possible reasons could you have for not using STL?
  13. You have nothing to worry about. Look at the FPS genre. The only difference in those games is storyline and presentation, the games are all essentially the same.
  14. JohnnyCasil

    New team announcment and future lessons

    Quote:Original post by darrenecm Someone coming along to OpenGL to learn it from scratch will likely have a harder time working through what is happening with basic OpenGL calls if they are wrapped up in classes. The current state of the new lesson base code does not wrap any OpenGL calls up in classes. It only encapsulates the creation of the OpenGL window. So in short, the beginning lessons, while OOP in nature, will still have naked OpenGL calls so the users can understand what OpenGL is doing, rather than what our classes are doing.
  15. Forward slashes only work in Windows when use to define a relative path. Absolute paths must use back slashes.
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