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  1. willystickman


    Excellent Mule Bro! I sent you my Recluse pics today. Have a good one man.
  2. willystickman


  3. willystickman


    Oh yeah how do you post a pic on here? I will show you pain. Don't worry it's not xrated or anything, but i can post those too. Jokes bro. Hasta.
  4. willystickman


    Hey Brother, it was a rough evning for all of us! Take care man.
  5. willystickman

    Heh. Sweet.

    Right on Bro! Give me a call. Have a merry Festivus! Asta
  6. willystickman


    Knife of Dreams
  7. willystickman


    Yeah I know why. Good luck brother.
  8. willystickman


    Hmm.. I wonder why you would be taking a break? Ha ha, good luck, and have a good one.
  9. willystickman


    Word up brother! You're a bad ass, take care and have a good one.
  10. willystickman


    I got an email from Jade last saturday, I guess I was drinking in the hot tub and missed it. He has voice chat or some thing. I'm going to have to setit up now. Have a good one. WSM
  11. willystickman


    How goes it Bro? I love that picture, he got bucked off in Worland friday night, and he probably broke his shoulder. He's going to the doctor today. I'll have to tell him you posted him on your forum. Have a good one Bro. WSM
  12. willystickman


    Yeah it sucks Bro get used to it. My birthday is looming like an appointment with the proctologist. I think I figured out I was an old guy when the two day hangovers kicked in. The hunt begins today for the WOT trivia contest. Wish me luck, Asta.
  13. willystickman

    Stephen King rocks

    Hell yeah, did you pick up The Dark Tower yet. If not, go now, scurry on down to your plethora of book stores and get it. You and your fancy retail centers! It's an excellent book. Oh yeah I'll email you a pic of my brother riding a saddle bronc at Cowley this weekend. He made the front page of the Powell Tribune, even though he bucked off. Have a good on Bro.
  14. willystickman

    More AE2

    That looks pretty cool man. It's a autumn like 48 degrees here right now. Quite pleasant. I have given up alcohol, this time I mean it, I'm a new man! Well, at least until Thursday. Did you read the prologue for KOD yet? Have a good one Bro.
  15. willystickman


    Great pic man, I bought the eBook prologue for Knife of Dreams today for 3.50. It was damn sure worth it man! I'm actually aroused! It's a 143 pages, they aren't full size pages but it's still quite and undertaking. Go now, and buy it. Have a good weekend Bro. Willystickman
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