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  1. Size Does Matter- What Ring Size Are You? @HawaiiTitanium1 https://t.co/RipQOFwqDx. Check out titanium rings from the State of Hawaii!
  2. The North Face on #Yelp: On December 11, 2015, I donated my old Big Shot backpack to North Face at 180 Post Street … https://t.co/VXT8RFz18c
  3. I agree with you, Black-Root! Tabletop games can be not only expensive but also time consuming. When I say this, I'm looking at a computer loading an expansive RTS game. Geez, I can have zillions of fun, and my units are already marching and battling!
  4. Be creative: Turning your game into reality takes a great deal of effort!
  5. Not so complex now. This part of the backstory covers pre-existing elements and events. There is unity achieve with elements from the backstory to existing elements of a current connation (on the same planet). Connation = constructed nation, similar to constructed world or conworld. Currently, this backstory is being used for a story background, in particular a standard themed RPG or themed MMO. It could be used to supplement the plot elements of a novel or novelette--sure. I'm still designing the map, which see, but this is only a reference for the digital master. Planning is necessary, as it is for flashback scenes in a novel. The backstory isn't a novel--and shouldn't be. It does provide some important details, however, and enough to substantiate, say the attitude of a nation during present time or to establish player attitude in a game-based relationship on the information and value of sides or opposition. Nonetheless, it is an important element feature for a game because, essentially, it is a shortcut.   I hope this helps. Thank you for your reply. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
  6. [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Old Lands[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]By Lord Teric[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Pre-Zothaar: Old Lands History Backstory Example-3[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]After the undercover agent from the Kingdom of Carina had taken a brief interim to build his network and send an important communique to Carina's Intelligence Office, he proceeded under an established criteria to enter the Royal City's Trade Guild chambers where he would penetrate a ficitious organization or cult.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Entering the meeting chamber was accomplished with ease as the agent recognized visual call signs presented to him and the visual signs' order of precedence. The agent was able to establish the order of calls on the day of the meeting when certain "marked" supplies entered the Royal City during the early morning hours.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]At each of the three security checkpoints prior to entering the meeting chamber, the agent was shown a list of symbols and impromptu markings used on past Trade bills. These were presented by the security detachment; the symbols and markings were placed on a piece of rough parchment. The guard simply showed the parchment's contents and proscribed to entrants wanting permission to enter the chamber to select the correct "mark" or they would not be allowed into the meeting. Although the guard's proscription was a latent self-admission for the agent, because why would he be in the Trade Guild for a meeting to fail the test to enter, the agent carefully inspected the parchment's symbols knowing that he could easily change his network's frame without drawing too much suspicion about his covert activities.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]The parchment was decorated with more symbols than other marks, such as strikeouts and rewritten or substituted items. The items presented in this manner all appeared to be a newer type of exported goods, while the symbols for the other goods were more prolific but of older, more war-orientated trade items, such as stock wood and metal fittings. It occurred to the agent that one symbol appeared similiar to the symbols used on the Trade bills for the early morning register, which might mean that entrants and personnel were being tipped as to what symbol to employ for entrance.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Since the symbols were of older nature and the other goods of newer type of nature, it would seem appropriate to open a meeting based on past-to-present rather than on present-to-past associations, opting for a symbol to honor entrants and Trade Guild members, so the agent selected the symbol with pertinent agility. The waiting guard immediately confirmed that it was the correct mark. A senior guard, however, wanted to confirm the selection and asked the agent to re-select the symbol once again. It was during this instance the agent discovered a dagger firmly place in the senior guard's belt on his backside.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]The agent proceeded to the meeting chamber only to be surprised by another security checkpoint . . ..[/color]
  7. Something as crude as retaking the CEO position at Microsoft? Wow, Bill Gates must have thousands of projects, yet a…http://t.co/hciWt5ZdIk
  8. [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Old Lands By Lord Teric Pre-Zothaar: Old Lands History Backstory Example-2 The new year began rather quiet for the Kingdom with the exception of one unexpected report: one of the fifth King's spies caught a mercentile trader with documents that had affixed a false king's seal. The particular falsification in evidence appears more legitimate because of the Trade Guild's penchant and procedure for exact processing. Upon further questioning of the legal carrier, the merchant declared he wasn't aware of the false seal, wouldn't copy the seal because of the nature of the penalties that could be imposed, and wasn't sure who placed the fictitious seal on the documents. Trade bills obtained from the authority at the Trade Guild showed that the arrested merchant was trading, excessively, with exported goods from the Kingdom of Carina to an adjoining kingdom. Some of the Trade bills' list of goods were alterred by striking out original shipments and the entering of substitute shipments, with less numberous strikeouts without any substitution, and others were given some form of reference or encryption.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Additional investigations from the Kingdom of Carina's Trade Guild and Intelligence operatives about the location of the delivered goods found nothing, or in some instances, found goods in storage areas that weren't associated in anyway to the list of goods on the alterred Trade bills. The investigation abruptly ended with the death of a Kingdom of Carina's Intelligence operative whose last message denoted that he had penetrated a Trade Guild cult.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]The arrested mechant trader remained, indefinitely, in detention for Royal crimes as well as for Trade Guild violations and malfeasance, grand embezzlement, and operating improperly under Inter-territorial Regulations.[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]After a brief time, a comminique was sent to the fifth King underscoring the circumstances leading to the tragic death of a Carina agent . . .[/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)]Please read succeeding entries--[/color]
  9. [color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=arial]The Old Lands[/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)][size=2][font=arial]By Lord Teric[/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=arial]The Old Lands is my backdrop in my storyline for the Empire of Zothaar RPG. The backstory is necessary for improving, expanding, and elaborating on plot elements.[/font][/color] [indent=1][color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=georgia]Pre-Zothaar: Old Lands History Backstory Example-1[/font][/color] [indent=1][color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=georgia]There is a pre-history to the Empire of Zothaar that involves the Old Lands to the west (of the Empire of Zothaar). Prior to formation of the colony states and the mass exoduses to the Land of Zothar, the Old Lands contained many kingdoms and princedoms. There was great economic wealth enjoyed by the Old Lands' states but trouble became present too.[/font][/color] [indent=1][font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]The real trouble had taken the form of radical political agents subjugating a state's wealth apparatus and, subsequently, redeploying it. Once a major portion of the state's wealth was controlled and distributed else where, state officials had little recourse but to either borrow or wait for controlled resources from radical entities. Most likely, none of the optional wealth channels would be sufficient to fulfull the state's demands--thus a puppet state.[/color][/font] [indent=1][font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]Five kings fell victim to this master money and resource scheme before adequate protections and actions were initiated. These proved inadequate, however, because the radical political agents formed league with others who had similar interests, and what was formed was a new Supra-Corporation with league headquarters in several major cities.[/color][/font] [indent=1][font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]A particular chaotic period ensued. As species became diminished, states found it increasingly difficult to train or hire troops on a regular basis. Troops protect the sovereignity of the state and the safety of its mechant trains or caravans that travel hundreds of miles to secure resources. As troops decreased, crime increased. Merchant trains were frequently raided. It became difficult to feed poorer populations if they hadn't found sustenance through natural means. [/color][/font] [indent=1][font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]The constraining manner of the supply and demand situation caused the first King to suffer a nervous breakdown. He was sent to his mountain chateau along with his retainers on permanent medical leave from his duties. Councilors were authorized to manage the reorganization of the kingdom in his absence, and these were amply paid by the Supra-Corporation.[/color][/font] [indent=1][font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]Please view new addition later . . .[/color][/font] [font=georgia][font=arial][color=rgb(0,128,0)]Legal Citation: The Old Lands backstory is owned by Theron O. Kuntz. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. The Old Lands backstory elements is used to supplement and build the Empire of Zothaar RPG.[/color][/font][/font]
  10. Recounting backstory for Zothaar.
  11. Nice work, Junxue Li, on your article, How to Outsource Art.   Some mention or indication to the outsourcing team or teams about intellectual property rights?  Company's might have some reservations about outsourcing without an agreement preserving "drafts" that represent previous generations of test art as acceptable art assets based on technical feasibilities. The outsourcing teams would have rights for advertising their "product quality" to encourage more clients for outsourcing art work. This is a sensitive issue for intellectual property rights ownership.   In addition, what about contacting through students at a Art University or Art College about conducting outsourced art drafting? This would be highly feasible for some companies on a tight budget, but they can accommodate student artists later by additional agreement in a substantial contract if a product is produced for the market.
  12. [color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=arial]A Recapitulation[/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=arial]The new form related to the old Zothar and its backstories is the new Zothaar, its creative extensions of backstories, the continual hyper-expansion of its military elements,[/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,128,0)][font=arial]the digital development of Zothaar's map and primal structures using a software application for digital design and mapping, such as Profantasy products, starting development of the digital online MMO, its design title, MMORPG[sup]3[/sup], and the objectification of the digital RPG, FPS, and RTS genres by offering slices of Zothaar for locus and period game development. The backstories for Zothaar includes the Old Lands, now to the west of Zothaar, across the Western Seas (old Eastern Seas), early history about (old) Zothar, including its mythopoeia, the changing political structures, and the Corvina Jungle tribes. Zothaar has developed an extensive land and sea military in order to protect its citizens and properties, thereby maintaining its economic growth and global superiority. Eventually, its milestone will be reach with the massive invasion of the Old Lands and the death of their nemesis, the Insane Anarchist and destruction of his legions.[/font][/color]
  13. RT @TheFetterella: Quick morning sketch to wish a happy birthday to Halo 4 & say thanks for ALL the things. @HaloWaypoint http://t.co/tv1AY…
  14. Updating the Zothaar development project.
  15. What should be placed in my journal?