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  1. Hi hope all of u wud b fine. i m making a 3d car racing game n currently working on GUI. i m facin problem in showing the mouse cursor i've captured the mouse as follows Input()->GetDInput()->CreateDevice( GUID_SysMouse, &m_pDevice, NULL ); hr = m_pDevice->SetDataFormat( &c_dfDIMouse ); hr = m_pDevice->SetCooperativeLevel( hWnd, DISCL_EXCLUSIVE | DISCL_FOREGROUND ); hr = m_pDevice->Acquire(); now the cursor is not shown in full screen. i've even set the properties of the mouse as follows Graphics()->GetDevice()->CreateOffscreenPlainSurface(32,32,D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8,D3DPOOL_DEFAULT,&pCursor,NULL); D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFile(pCursor,NULL,NULL,"cursor.bmp", NULL, D3DX_FILTER_NONE,0,&imageInfo); Graphics()->GetDevice()->SetCursorProperties(0,0,pCursor); Graphics()->GetDevice()->ShowCursor(true); The surface for the mouse pointer is loaded n is in the middle of the screen. the problem is that this surface does not move along with the mouse pointer.. moreover there is so much flickering on the surface.... plz help me as i hav to finalize my this BSCS final year project plz if convenient, give me a few lines of code for guidence waiting for prompt reply moeen
  2. Hi All, Hope u wud b fine Currently i m facing problem in mouse cursor i've set the surface of mouse using Device's function SetCursorProperties(0,0,pSusface). now when i move the mouse, the surface is still at its origional place. i've handled the mouse click and mouse events of DirectInput n they r working correctly..... i showed a dialog box on mouse click which shows the correct coordinated of mouse current location... but the surface is stationary on its oriional location. there is also so much flickeration on the surface. i am doing all of this work in a frame. every time a frame is called, mouse properties r set ang device->ShowCursor() is called.. i have to submit my project on 20th of this month. so plz if convenient give me suggestions in detail. i wud b very thankful 2 u all waiting 4 prompt reply moeen
  3. Hi i m a beginner in game programming n makin a 3d car racing game. The prob i m facing is dat how 2 get the cursor in fullscreen mode. i m using device's SetCorsorProperties() method which takes IDIRECT3DSURFACE9 pointer as its 3rd parameter. now prob is how to create that surface. plz also guide me alternate techniques 4 displaying cursor in full screen mode (except VC++ ShowCursor() ) waiting 4 prompt replies moeen
  4. Dear All I m beginner in DirectX. i m usin DirectX9 and need to know how to show cursor in full screen regards, moeen
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