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  1. Hmm, this certainly looks much better than doing revision and procrastinating on facebook.. I'm in! (btw, does anyone know if it's possible to get back an old account if I don't have access to the email address anymore or remember the password?)
  2. no, Sony isnt two faced, because Homebrew on the PSP is a double edged sword. The Homebrew thats been released on it is awesome, which is why I kept my PSP as a 1.50, but, the ISO scene on PSP is huge, its very easy to pirate games on the PSP if you have a 512+ Mb Stick, which dont really cost that much anymore ( the price of a few games). The ability to run games on the PSP has already been exploited (check out a release by Humma, WAB), and even though game manufactures put protection on the UMD to stop you playing with an earlier version, its easily got around (WAB Version Checker)
  3. or goto here, enter your email address in and you'll get free registration codes for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD!
  4. Damn, i wish i wasnt away and had time to prepare slightly for this contest. In other news, what happened to capn_midnight?
  5. Quote:Original post by infrmtn We are of course working towards customized infants. Eventually we will drop the ancient habit of slipping one's penis into any available vagina in hopes of creating a baby. so once we've figured out what sort of roll the baby got for his HP, how long is it before we get to check the rest of his stats out thanks to those crazzzzzzzzzzy scientists..
  6. Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Does anyone know if it's possible to download google maps so that it's usable offline? Heh... I don't have internet access at my home... Quick! I'll hold him down while you guys burn him >_>
  7. can you suggest any decent cooling/cooling systems?
  8. I decided to give my old ati 9700Pro (well, it wasnt that hard a decision ;D) to my brother, and stuck it in his machine. However, when I booted up with it, there were rows of green squares across the screen, making it nearly unreadable.. and im not sure why this is happening, but i've narrowed it down to a few conclusions (i think X( ) - There's not enough power to the card, he only has a 250W PSU.. - The chip isnt cool enough, i stuck a stock Heatsink and fan on it.. - The graphics card is borked.. I would put it in my machine to test it, but its not around atm. Thanks in advance, Dave
  9. Quote:Original post by Raduprv WTF is Gross Sexual Imposition? i think its like raping someone, but without using your penis (groping etc.)
  10. http://www.esorn.ag.state.oh.us/Secured/p23.aspx?oid=13753 he's on the registed sex offenders list... and you can even see where he lives =/
  11. Quote:Original post by Max_Payne [raytracing awesomeness] And I programmed the renderer myself :) every time i see a raytracer screenshot i want to get on with the one i planned to do (wish i had more time.. stupid finals *grumble* *grumble*
  12. a cookie to whoever guesses what game im playing at the moment...
  13. Quote:Original post by vNistelrooy You know this is the estimated minimum PSU requirments. The CPU, HDDs, CD/DVD-ROMs, fans, etc. use the 12v rail too. =\ ok then.. so how would you go around working the power comsumption per unit, or would you just stick with taking the box as a whole and not bother for splitting it up for stuff like this...
  14. Quote:Original post by oliii 26 amps?!? Why not just plug the gfx card straight to the main... yeah.. and at 12V [using good ole P=IV] 26x12 = 312 Watts of power being drawn out... wheres it all going?
  15. Poo from earthbound! (For those who havent played earthbound, Poo is the actual name for the character...)