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  1. hi all, I am coming back to game development and need to know what happened to DirectX ? is it still used in game development or some other technologies are now the latest ? what do we need to start developing games for windows 8 ? I used to create .X files and use it in my directX games in the past but this was from long time... what is now the procedure to do that ? are they still being used ? Thanks
  2. directx with C#

    hey all i downloaded the latest SDK (DirectX August 2009 SDK) but it was only for C++ !!! i couldn't find the binaries of C# either the dll's !!! what happened ??? C# is not used anymore in game programming ??? and what if i want to make a game , if my customer downloaded the latest redistributable files for directX , wouldn't they contain the binaries for managed DirectX9 ??? Thanks for any help, Regards,