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  1. darkweb

    Mic input capture?

    fmod would probably be the easiest to use. It also has a bunch of sample code which shows you how to set up the microphone. You can find it at http://www.fmod.org/
  2. if "D3DTS_WOLRD undeclared identifier" is the exact error message you get, it looks like a typo to me. It should be D3DTS_WORLD. If not, then more code is required.
  3. darkweb

    Drawing Text in 3D space?

    Well there are 2 ways that I know of: 1) use the direct 3d text. There is a sample of this in the directx sdk. 2) draw the text on a texture and map that onto a polygon. The first is easy but I think it can be taxing depending on how much text you display. The second requires some preprocessing before displaying and takes a bit more time to understand. Hope that helps, darkweb
  4. darkweb

    capture audio signal

    I am currently using FMOD (with C++) myself for pitch detection and it is quite easy. The API has an example of how to do pitch detection and it seems to work fine. Good luck!
  5. darkweb

    Game of Life

    From what I understand, your logic behind it seems fine. The only thing that I can think of that could be a problem is if you change the state of the cell as you iterate through them. This would corrupt your data because the next cell would look at the updated cell for some rules. If this doesn't help, post the code that uses the rules and updates the cells. Good luck!
  6. From my understanding of your at function, you have an int passed in and you're looking for the data at that number. First you check if the position you're at is that number, if it is its found so return the data. If not check if the next node is null, if it's null you didn't find that index so return null. and lastly if there is something pass num-1 into the next node? If this is how it works, why do you pass num-1? If you're searching for a specific index, why modify it? But if I have it completely wrong please explain what you're trying to do with the at function. Hope this helps! darkweb
  7. darkweb

    Feedback request for a RPG soundtrack

    The boss battle song is amazing! I didn't even look at the title and I was like "wow this would be a great boss theme..." It gave off the urgency and threat that a boss should without seeming repetitive in nature. Great job guys! The other songs were not too bad, I agree that In Search of Truth sounds quite similar to a final fantasy style. Also the Allacrost Battle Theme almost sounds like a victory style song so it gives me the feel of completion. Just my opinion. I haven't listened to the rest since I should be on my way to class now ;) But keep up the good work, the music sounds very promising!
  8. darkweb

    A Java filename programming problem

    The File class is not in java.lang.*, it is in java.io.* which are 2 seperate imports. You could think of them like directories if you wanted. The File class is in the io directory so looking for it in the lang directory is really a waste of time. I think the reason it isn't included is because not all programs use files therefore having file code in the program isn't effective. Also the java.lang has the basic functions for a java program. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me :D.
  9. darkweb

    A Java filename programming problem

    Whenever you want to create a File object, the method that uses it should have throws Exception after it. That way java will be happy and life goes on :D. So for example: public TextStringArtPanel() throws Exception { .. .. .. } and that should do it hopefully! Good luck!
  10. Hey, just played the game. It's quite an interesting game thats for sure, there's just two things that kinda bugged me about it. When you get the sex drugs rock & roll item the opponent gets big which is fine, but you have to shoot where the original bunny was, making it tougher to get them. Unless that was your idea in the long run ;) Also the other thing was when you shoot a bunny it "recoils" in the direction its facing, so if it faces you and you shoot it, it comes towards you. Just kinda weird that's all. But great job on the game, and best of luck to you!
  11. well here's an interesting thing in the Java 2 Platform SE v1.3.1 the only methods FileWriter has that are write are: public void write(String str,int off,int len) public void write(char[] cbuf,int off,int len) public void write(int c) So if this is the kit that you are using, there is no method in FileWriter that has the structure of: public void write(String str) Therefore calling the super method might just be calling your subclass' method. Hopefully this answers your question :D
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