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    Starwars ALL WRITEN DOWN

    to make everything short. We were hoping after reading what we already have if people can throw us some cool ideas. this game will obviosly not make any money seeing were making a starwars game and we would get sued. this game is all about the love of starwars and the fans!!!. Any idea you have were willing to give it a try. me and my friend breath and sleep this stuff. we love trying everything. unless theres like alot of coding our programmer is insanly good when it comes to programming. but i do the scripts for the vehicles. so if has anything to do with that it might be a bit hard. thanks!
  2. ok. We finally made another level. Were gona make a total of 15 levels. right now we have 3. We were so inlove with what we were doing that we went overboard and those levels all add up to around 500 megs. At first we made a desert. A playable ship. and Some enemy ties. we then wrote some scipts witch took alot longer then i though it would. thanks to this site we found some useful advice. we then kept the project to our selves intill we had something to show you i know it isn't much. But that shows our first attept at creating our game. witch we made shortly after the movie came out. the level is a bit hard. you have to fly from point a to point b with out dieing. then you have to land. its hard because you can shoot them. but theres alot of ties. and not enough time to sit there and shoot all of them. we were happy with that. but then we realized we wanted to make something with better graphics... better game play. and just blow everyone at lucasarts away. So here what we got. We decided that flying a xwing is kickass. but flying from point a to be to c can get boring. so we create an unlimited amount of enemys. intill the job gets done. we decided that there will be actually battling going on in the back ground.and we decided that the graphics will be breath taking so that you have something great to look at during your journey. Now after doing that we kept throwing ideas down and then actually doing it. like first person shooter.witch is the second level. Stelth witch were not good at so basically they wont see you if you dont get close to them. and they wont see you if there back is turned. but they can be looking right at you and wont attack intill your closer. but hey it was a fun attept and still works well. we then got the ships to explode and show a cool exploding animation with bitmaps. its just been all out fun. our game is also meant for a tv not a computer screen. weve developed the whole thing using bother a monitor and a tv. we did alot of short cutting and some tricks so that it looks ALOT better on the tv. seeing we were aiming for a console type game. becuz thats how we play pc games. on the tv. We did this becz we mainly starting this game to make us happy. Also you need alteast a radeon 9700 or higher. we tested it on a geforce 6800 and found that it doesnt handle as much as we thought. we put the graphics all the way up. we used out high rez textures and lagged like crazy. then we threw it on a radeon x800 with same amount of ram and was amazed how great everything looked. so how does this add up to the idea. well because were throwing a two player mode together. and i dont think people would like playing split screen on a 17 inch monitior. (BY THE WAY so far on two player mode one person drives or flys while the other shoots. for someone reason when we use two vehicles player one controls bother. i even made a seperate code. like a xwing and awing and each cose regonizes as a different player. but somehow it just wont work. plus it gets laggy anyway.
  3. svdeusen

    Next-gen graphics may stifle creativity?

    i think he made a great point. Witch is why nintendo where be aiming at gamers just like him.
  4. svdeusen

    Level Design Question

    i like 3dsmax alot. I work on my own games in my spare time. Leveling is prolly the best part. You can be very creative. depending on the game you wanna mod is the best advice for what program you should use. If your making your own game. you can test your physics with havok, And you can also use render to texture with 3dsmax to make some seriosly good texture for indoor scenes. Also its prolly just me but out of all the programs i used i found 3dsmax to run the best when it comes to a complex scene. Gmax is also good if money is a issue. check out my link! goodluck!
  5. svdeusen


    oh yeah and as you can see the models in the back witch looks like the one your driving are made by me. they are also around 2 megs each. and look alot better then the one the player uses.
  6. svdeusen


    tiefighers are mine. the main ship my buddy got witch came with textures. becuz the one we made was to big to be the players vehicle. dont ask! the tie fighers are actually 2 megs each. witch is killing the 3drad engine. and the building is just a box with a spere on it also made by me. and the landscape i also made. i also made the tie bombers. and im makeing the trench as we speak. ps; lol those ties were made awhile back for a different project. i didnt make those in the 6 hours of me making the game.
  7. svdeusen


    no its small. its about 60 megs right now. But im using a 3drad witch doesnt let you build a demo. the most i can do is scend the WHOLE engine with all the scripts and ect to people. witch im not ready to do lol. those scripts took along time. but i got a longlife friend relle interested. so were going half on the retail version and the sister engine 3impact. sry no demo yet. lol i can take more shots. were creating a better website also.
  8. svdeusen


    i created a few levels as soon as i got home from seeing the starwars movie. I know it sounds dumb. lol but the love at the movie kept me on the computer learning everything i can to create a small starwars game in 6 hours. I learned some weirld programming with the 3drad engine. figured out some tips. Creating some scripts put together some models. found some textures. and then there it was. three levels. one still in the making. I though it would be cool to get some fans together and create a kickass starwars game. Just for the hell of it. and not for money. Later on maybe throw something different together. First level is the one you see on that link. you fly from point A to point B and then land. While on the way there you come across ties and torrents. Thats the hard level. Second level is a first person shooter level. You walking around in the desert shotting down as many tie bombers as you can. Thirst level im still working on its the death star trench lol yeah its like a rip of rogue sqadron. but its fun working on it and having full control over what you want to happen. if anyone is interested in helping let me know.
  9. svdeusen


    oh yeah in one of the pics is a torrent. This mission is to land safly. thats obviosly near the end of the mission. its pretty hard. and it took me forever to get this to blow up. into pieces. i hated the dumb animation 3drad had to offer. but then again thats what i get for being a freeware guy!
  10. svdeusen


    lol before you laugh at me. I saw that movie and was blown away. Ive always loved making small game demos by myself using free game engines. I saw down for 6 hours learning how to use 3drads engine. I also learned some cheap programming in the meantime. So after seeing the movie i came home and said wow im gona throw a starwars game together. I made three levels. One is in a desert with a few tie fighers. The next level is a first person shotter level where you have to shoot down tie bombers. Then the final scene witch im working on now is the Death Star Trench. Im a huge beginner. And i want to put a small team together one day. But i posted this in here to see what kind of comments i might get. lol i had to make this. not for anyone else just for me and a friend. lol
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